A bunch of years ago I as envious that Matt Mullenweg had scored a perfect domain for himself ma.tt. Well. if you invent something like WordPress, I guess you are not unlucky at cards.

I looked into seeing if I could get al.an – that top level domain was for the Netherlands Antilles but at the time they did not do two letter sub domains, and it’s a good thing since now it’s a dead top level domain.

But with all the new vanity domains (I got cogdog.casa earlier in the year), I noticed there were ones like .horse. I DM-ed Tim Owens just joking “When will there be a .dog Top level domain?” I mean think about it, what if I could get cog.dog? That would be da bomb.

So as he does so well, Tim notified me in June that a new batch of Top Level Domains were going public in August. There is a process where you can pay a little more money to get access to them 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 days before they go to all registrars. And through Reclaim Hosting, Tim could put a bid in for me.

Did I really need it? Not really. This domain cogdogblog.com is pretty well known, and I have a “calling card” site at cogdog.info. I did not even realize that somewhere I bought cogdog.link.

But vanity, oh vanity. And I was curious how it worked. The 5 day advanced purchase was outrageous, but I think I got 3 day advance for about $140.

And today I got the good news from Tim- the domain is all mine.

I am not quite sure what to do with it. I thought briefly about making it my main blog domain, and I could redirect requests to cogdogblog.com, but that’s pretty well know, and I have like 15 subdomains hanging off of it (those could all re-direct). And I already have the landing page one at cogdog.info

So I do not know what even to do with my Ultimate Domain. I am thinking of just making a super simple card like page, and am scouring for some new one page themes that do not look like all the ones you see out there.

All those themes look the same, big graphic at top, scroll to 3 giant icons, scroll to a grid portfolio, scroll to a list of clip art people, scroll to a price chart, scroll to…

I did locate one theme that might work, but might not charge to it, so I just set up a simple template I use on places like http://lab.cogdogblog.com and http://cogdog.casa — its some simple CSS and the Backstretch jQuery plugin that scales the background.

So until I find that new theme, the Ultimate Domain of cog.dog features an Ultimate Dog named Bean that I met at my cousin’s house in Loveland.

How self-indulgent of me.

Because I can!

Top / Featured Image Credit: Screen shot of my new domain using my own photo of my cousin’s ultimate dog, “Bean” — flickr photo by cogdogblog http://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/18517161234 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. Well, is there a top-level domain for .tina and can @Timmmmyboy get me the iamTalky one of it? Plus, just the Talky one of it, too?


    Because those would be good for me.

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