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Another week, another fabulous time spent sitting around the DS106 Radio campfire today for the High Noon Radio show.

This is the “Fistful of Design” week for Paul Bond’s UMW Students, so Paul and I had as guests two folks who know how to design their way out of a paper bag (or on them), Amy Burvall, she of the 30 creative projects a week, and Cheryl Colan, teacher and designer I have known since my days riding the western ed tech scene at the Maricopa Community Colleges.

We got yer archive right here…

If you are curious as to what the DS106 Radio Radio Booth looks like, it puts out a lot of heat, so put on your safety glasses:

My setup is described as Rube Goldberg… but its a beauty.

Jason Toal was doing some live sketch noting with this Sketchport thing which could be watched as he drew. Cool.


And some tweet-worth stuff from the conversation…

We came up with an impromptu design challenge….

Amy urged us to watch Brigitte Bardot and Sean Connery in Shalako

Thanks all for the great convo!

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