Like a zombie, email is declared dead on regular intervals. There are counter assertions, but the most significant sign to me, is the increasing frequency of web popovers that implore me to sign up for news by…. email.


I tried this month to screen cap all the ones I zapped; I definitely missed a heap, but 52 made into my video expository. POP!

Fighting for equal annoying frequency are how many times per day I end up clicking email to unsubscribe me from lists.


Top / Featured image: Easy. I know I wanted popcorn. Sifted through the Google Images search result (licensed for reuse option ON) til I found one from flickr (cause I make attribution easy). This popper image is a flickr photo by Art Aspirations https://flickr.com/photos/23471014@N03/2344165985 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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