This post provides no insight to new technology, forces that might “fix” education, nor anything that addresses injustice in the world.

Instead, I celebrate the pure, unanticipated reach of what remains for now an open internet, one that each time you think you’ve seen an edge, infinity yawns open.

It’s about twitter, and those is told in tweets.

It begins with a silly sign I saw on my morning walk, that made for a fine, though 2 day late, contribution to a DS106 Daily Create:

Sadly, my use of the word job in a tweet is interpreted by some job related twitter bot account to repeat my tweet, wrapped in the slime of some link I refuse to even click to see. But I can see it’s spam, because when I check the account stream, you can see that this is no human tweeter.

Note how their bot turned my word job into a #job hashtag.

My usual procedure is to tweet them a “thanks for being an opportunist parasite sucking life from the internet I love” message before reporting/blocking.

Now, in my tweet mentioning the word bot yet another bot retweets me. How whacky is @abotthat, with that sad looking hand drawn robot avatar, and a tagline of “a bot that retweets a bot that”

And of course, as I said bot in my tweet mentioning this bot, well, do you see the recursion?


I wonder who would quit first, the bot or me?

For the love of bots…

UPDATE (one hour later): As predicted…

one-more retweet

Top / Featured Image: The twitter avatar for @abotthat. It’s a nice bot that probably won’t mind if I re-use it’s photo.

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