There is less of me going around.

I’m talking technically about mass, of which, as we recall from high school physics, combines with gravity to give as what we call weight. It’s not the gripping horror story Jim wrote about as The Shrinking Man. But I am closing in on being 20 pounds lighter since March.

Here’s my data- un aware was I that since I got an iPhone in November 2015, the Health app was measuring my walking distance. Starting in March, I started also manually entering my morning weight (I briefly looked at “smart scales” and realized it was $300 cheaper to spend 15 seconds a day typing in 3 numbers), with a big high of 213 in mid March 2016.


I’m not doing any kind of gimmick plan. I’m not drinking weird protein shake concoctions. I’m not going to a gym. My big secrets are:

  • Cut out most beer Think how many skinny regulars you see filling your local bar. Beer is liquid weight. I love beer. I still drink it sometimes, but much less. That does no cut out the good times- cocktails with sugar free (or no) mixers work quite well.
  • More Exercise Again, not doing anything regular, but just spending more time outside walking, hiking, and doing yard work. I see lots of people where I live zipping up and down the streets on quads and carts. Most of them look… wide. I have a new walking reason (below).
  • Less Food or reducing portion size, no seconds, less snacking carbs, more salads, veggies, fruits.

But this is my real secret…


Yup, having Felix in my life has changed it all, that blue vertical bar on my graphs is his arrival in early April. The peak in February was my month in Puerto Rico, where I walked more. And September is low because I just got back from a week of driving channel.

My walking has gone from less than 2 miles per day to more than 6. I’m out walking 2+ hours a day, away from the screen. I’m getting to know neighbors I’ve never talked to before. Just the mind relaxation has helped in several occasions to think through ideas or technical problems. Mostly it’s great to walk all the roads where I live, and venture into he adjacent Natural Forest, and practice noticing details.

It pays off to look at the ground!

I found a Jackson in late June.

So I had my shock yesterday morning, when after a week of travel to Colorado, where mostly I sat in the truck, or around a campfire, or eating, when I got in the scale, and gasped because– it had dropped 3.5 pounds since last check when I left.

Weight bounces around, mine seem to fluctuate on 3-4 pounds, but its the average that I am looking at fall. Sure I play tricks. I weigh first thing in the morning, without pants on. I sometimes weigh again after a bathroom visit. But it’s been falling.

As has been my pants without a belt.

I thought I had done the easy loss, that I had bottomed out in August. And I am not getting bent out of shape when it blips up, or when I am “bad” (there is no “bad” – there is alive or dead).

The back pain I was feeling last summer while doing yard work– is gone. The stiffness in my knee I felt in April– gone. Having less of me (mass) feels really better.

I’m only slightly bragging, but it just feels good too to see some results, and ones from my own approaches, not some fad routine from a book/web site/talk show.

I’ve got more to go, so try to see me before I disappear ;-)

Top / Featured Image: flickr photo by benjamin.ks.chan shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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  1. Congratulations! And also how aligned is this with learning #ds106 style? You are your only competition. You do what feels good and what brings joy – even if that means less of what you thought was joy before. And you bring relationships and sharing into the mix (Felix). Sounds good to me.

    I also agree. Once you only do it for yourself, balance and enjoy, it works. I still have my liquid refreshments, my turtle sundaes, pizza and such – but in smaller portions and truly enjoy them instead of taking them for granted. Not going for a runaway model body – just one that I am comfortable in to do the things that I want. The exercise is wonders for feeling good. I have been 6 weeks without my regular Zumba fixes due to relocating residences, a daughter’s wedding and my new grandson. My hip, knees, back ache, my tummy is a little softer and its only been 6 weeks! Finally found at least one group session that starts this week and can’t wait to be feeling good again. I could do it on my own – but as you have found with Felix – when you share active time with someone else it makes a difference.

    And I LOVE following Felix! He is the wonder dog! Karma brought you both together – it was what both of you needed and deserved.

    Here’s to learning what is good – better late than never. Keep bragging!

  2. Was just sharing this with my wife. Had to put our dog down about 4 years ago and my weight has gone up and my miles walking down … Just as you mention. Would love to get a dog, but just not in the cards right now. Do want to concur that I have a dog gone good time reading your posts and Tweets about Felix’s doings …. So keep them going … I guess continue to unleash them on us.

  3. Well, that Felix is a True Friend for you. Plus eating your greens and not so much liquid barley. Did you Ride Your Bike? Because that is the COG part of CogDogBlog.

    Plus, when you found that Jackson friend. But it is good to read your stories!

  4. I recently lost some weight, too, and definitely did those tricks (morning scale after bathroom trip before getting dressed) so you reaaaaallly made me laugh. I should write all my tips about making cakes with vegetables instead of fat (not kidding). But it’s definitely looking like Felix is your main buddy for this one :)

  5. Peter and I are on that path, too. No alcohol except with friends or a special occasion has been a big, good change for us.
    Tried walking the cats, but they just lie down and go to sleep.

  6. I just lost 20 lbs also, and I have a new puppy. He is the reason I now walk 3-5 miles a day and go hiking in the mountains a couple times a week.

    Dog lessons for people:
    Enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk
    Run and Play Daily
    Be loyal, faithful, and quick to forgive
    Always drink plenty of water
    Sometimes it is best to sit close and listen
    Follow your instincts
    Keep digging until you find what you want
    Avoid biting when a growl will do
    Accept all of life’s treats with gratitude
    Love unconditionally.


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