Editors Note: This blog has a strict policy agains guest posts, but sometimes you have to relax the rules. My pal Bob stopped by unexpectedly and rather made himself at home. He wrote this.

Heya. This here Arizona scenery is more spectacular than Alan let on. Life got a little crazy last week, and I bolted from Malibu, hit the highway they call I-40, and made the turn south at Winslow.

So yeah. A big pile of mail as usual last week. Some suspicious letter from the “King of Sweden,” as if. I did open the big envelope from Publishers Clearinghouse, and would you know? I did not win again.

But that letter from the King. Yeah. Supposedly I won some kind of noble prize and the King is going to give me a few dollars for it. Bunches of people on the internet got arguing, and my phone would not stop. So I headed for Arizona. To get my head cleared and see some of that long blue sky.

Alan was busy building some kind of wood structure out in his driveway, like he is preparing for some mean end of time. I’d think this surreal election is getting to his head. I’ll keep my eye on him.

He said I could sing on some kind of 106 internet radio thing. This sure does not look like any kind of radio station I’ve sat in, and I have seen a lot. But it lit up, and I launched into “Shelter from the Storm”. Probably sounded off, I’m rusty. And my voice… maybe that’s what the King liked, they say the Swiss like to yodel. Here’s a bit of today’s sound:

I had me planned a bit more, but some Scottish guy and a psychology lady in the U.K. booted me off the radio, they said it was about “bullets”. And they call us Americans gun crazy!

But I will be hanging around Alan’s place a few more days. I might have to share the couch with his dog. But he said Wednesday night might be a good time to light up thar internet radio. We’ll see, I’m just like something the wind blew in.

Top / Featured Image: Photo of my back porch with an obvious insertion of some guy name Bob. Very questionable use of his image. I thought he left a hand written permission, but its illegible.

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  1. Uh hunh. Noble Bob sounds like Alan’s evil twin. Same writing style, same goofy radio voice, same obsession with whackadoodle internet scams. What is this–a really bad Halloween costume? (Like Snug the Joiner in MidSummer Night’s Dream, “[as Lion] You, ladies, you, whose gentle hearts do fear
    The smallest monstrous mouse that creeps on floor,
    May now perchance both quake and tremble here,
    When lion rough in wildest rage doth roar.
    Then know that I, one Snug the joiner, am
    A lion-fell, nor else no lion’s dam;
    For, if I should as lion come in strife
    Into this place, ’twere pity on my life.)

    So what the heck ARE you building in the driveway and do Peter and I need to order up fancy tin hats from Amazon.com next time we visit?

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