As much as I loathe those blog posts or click bait pieces about digital detox or sanctimonious drivel about giving up an iphone for a few weeks I’m letting it be known (as if it matters) that I’m going non-active online for maybe 4 days.

The only, only, only reason I bother is that a number of years ago I took a trip out of the country to a place lacking connectivity. I gave it no thought, but as it turns out, friends in Phoenix got concerned about me not tweeting or posting flickr photos. A few were poised to drive up to my home fearing I had passed out or something worse.

That was a lesson in that sometimes by not saying anything online I might be saying something (even if it is not what I think I am saying).

But I’ve been pretty much doing daily flickr photos for 10 years, plus this year cross posting almost daily to instagram and I am not going to even look up my daily twitter frequency.

I am merely changing routine and clicking a pause button.

So I’m just taking a pause for a few days, leaving the devices closed. I might be traveling, I might be camping, I might be at home laying in the hammock. I do have a thing or two to ponder, but do not look for any big prophecy. I’ll just start up again Tuesday.

Just like un-pausing the pause button.

Please don’t wreck the internet while I am paused, ok?

Featured image: A composite of Pause Button Icon pixabay image by Clckr Free Vector Imsges placed into the public domain using CC0 overlain atop Bokeh of colors as you look by flickr photo by sagesolar shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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