In some ways, I do miss 2009.

Working last month with David Porter, I was reminded of a thing I was playing with back then… David remembers it may be better than me!

That’s when I was fooling around with this browser thing called Cool Iris 3D Wall for the first round of what then I was calling Amazing True Stories of Openness.

It provided, embedded in a web page and expandable to full screen view, this “wall of media” that included images or video, and each optionally linked to an external URL. It worked well for the presentations I was doing, showing the kinds of video stories now at

What worked well was I could arrow key down to go linear, arrow key left/right to jump farther, or just glide to anywhere to pull up piece of content.

What does not work well, now, is that it ran via Flash, aka. DOA now. Well not totally, it still works from a desktop. You can explore the experience at but here is a hastily recorded screen recording:

It was not trivial to assemble, the whole presentation was driven by a hand rolled RSS file.

What came of it? Besides the death knell fo Flash dependence, the Wikipedia entry paints the bleak picture:

On November 21, 2014, Cooliris was acquired by Yahoo

Someone at least is making payments on the domain

Hee hee:

Yahoo has a clear vision and unwavering commitment to making mobile an intuitive and effortless experience.

No comment.

David contacted me last year asking if it was possible to still do Cool Iris… which I answered a luke warm, “technically yes” and outlined the challenges.

I’d like to think someone out there has coded a jQuery / HTML5 version. The animated 3D wall is not strictly necessary, but the “wall of stuff” interface would be nice. I can’t say any of these are quite the same, but maybe close?

These are okay, but not quite the cool cool cool iris feeling… so 2009.

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