I prefer not knowing exactly how flickr picks photos to be in it’s explore featured area.

It just sort of happens. I know when either there is a weird spike in activity or you get the norice that your photo has been added to the In Explore group.

I’ve had a few get in there, and it’s never quite the ones I would pick.

It’s a mystery machine.

A weird thing happened the other night.

Two of my photos were picked from my most recent batch, how does that happen? See if you can figure which are mine (when I get a notification of the In Explore group I try to grab a screen shot right away because they move off the top fast).

Two screens worth of the In Explore Group, two are mine!

The stuff I read suggests that you only get one per day.

Besides the bee in the image above, is there a bug in explore?

So these are the two:

Mmm Good

Mmm Good flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Now it does fit the Explore description in that these are the last two photos I posted that day. But they really were more snapshots, taken with my iPhone. The top one I did give more attention to framing, trying to get the spelling of the dog cookies in adjacent to Felix’s gaze in the corner. But the bottom one? just snapped. If I was more attentive I would have moved the chair leg you see in the bottom right.

But here is a more curious thing, look at the stats on the photos:

flickr stats on first explored picture

flickr stats on the second explored photo

The views and faves numbers are almost identical. Why? I think the first photo is much better. My wild guess is that the most of activity among flickr explore is people go through fast and view/favorite everyone, like it’s part of playing the game of garnering attention. Does that make the numbers less meaningful?

Is that plausible?

I’m more curious that anything. Getting explore is a treat.

No, the real treat was the whole story behind the photo. Those lovely dog treats came as a surprise package from a colleague I collaborated on a workshop in August. Look at those custom treats she sent, home made! Happy Felix.

No mystery there, that was a wonderful gift.

Featured Image: “Why is the Suitcase Out?” flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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