I’m awed by the generous response to my putting out a kibble bowl for patreon-ing here. All the email they send you is advice for more barrages of self promotion.

I loathe that, but I sense I need to keep a drum beat going.

To that end, I’ve added some bottom of the site buttons and some end of post begging.

And in that vain train, a late round of GitHub commits looks like:

The begging commit, dude.

as I added some buttons at the top of all Read Mes on my GutHub repo pile.

Ok, that’s enough slime for now.

I’ll make some short updates on patreon as to things I am doing with the kibble support. I had hoped there might be an RSS Feed I could syndicate here, but alas, they have that door shut.

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Okay, enough self promo. Back to making stuff.

Featured Image: Pixabay image by Lydia89 shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0

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