I’d like to think it’s rather clear if anyone glances at this blog that despite it’s title, it does not sell dog products, and definitely is not in the genre of home improvement tips. Plus, there is a clear statement on the bottom of every page.

The exact statement is:

Here I bark and growl about the web, edtech, photography, and other stuff that gets under my fur (more…).

Send those e-cards and e-letters to cogdogblog at gmail dot com — except requests for requests to post links, ads, guest articles, or product reviews. I don’t do that stuff. If you bug me you get the treatment.

When someone I’ve never heard of, never communicated with, emails with a gushing statement of how much they love my blog and wanting to know if they can write guests posts or if I will put links to their sites in my posts, well I know that they have actually never even looked at my blog.

Like Glen.

Last week, Glen cold-emailed me.

I came across your site while looking for resources for our next blog and I knew I had to reach out immediately, kudos on a fantastic blog.

I can’t wait to see what kind of resources my random pile of posts might be of use, but I bet you will tell me in the next sentence, now that you’ve hit me with the ego boosting first greeting.

My name is Glen, and I’m reaching out on behalf of a growing home interiors business who operates in the same marketplace as Houzz and Made.

Oh, yeah, Glen. My blog is all about home interiors. Perhaps you can summarize all of my posts you found about this industry?

This month, we’re looking to secure sponsorship placements with five prominent blogs and your site jumped straight to the top of our list.

Your list must be pretty thin if you are reaching down into mine and it surfaces to the top. I cannot imagine the 4 runners up.

Would you also be willing to accept link placements on pre-existing content on your site?

Perhaps you would like to read that little note at the bottom of every blog page that says I don’t do guest posts? Or link placements? Or maybe your deep research can dig up how often that occurs here?

Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in discussing further.

Please accept my non-response as a not interested. That is what most human beings with functioning cerebral cortexes would do.

But for Glen’s sake, I just decided to trash and ignore his action that clearly violates the FCC CAN-SPAM act.

I asked my audience for suggestions.

The votes are in.


Especially when there is the rancid follow-up:

Hi Alan,

I reached out last week but haven’t heard back. I wanted to see if there was an opportunity to sponsor a post on your site.

Please see my initial email below.

Best wishes,

I think I shall just reply with a link to this post.

Activate the sprayer!

Featured Image: This image is published under Creative Commons CC BY-SA because of the license in the original image it was based on. It was modified by adding my own logo (CC BY-SA by Bryan Mathers) and some extra label text to FLIT Spray Can 1.jpg a Wikimedia Commons image by Andreas Franzkowiak licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA

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