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Glen Gets the Treatment

I’d like to think it’s rather clear if anyone glances at this blog that despite it’s title, it does not sell dog products, and definitely is not in the genre of home improvement tips. Plus, there is a clear statement on the bottom of every page. The exact statement is: Here I bark and growl […]


The Genius of Being a “Marketing Specialist”

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC ) flickr photo shared by publicenergy They will let anyone on the internet. From the idiot email box today, here we go again… the tell tale subject line “I would like to collaborate with your site cogdogblog.com” — here is how you collaborate on someone else’s blog: You leave a […]

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Uncle Norman! Thanks for the Spam!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by chotda That is some tasty looking spam sushi, but not as good as this gem that was sparkling like a cubic zirconia in my inbox. The beauty was the letter was attached as a PDF and allegedly referred to a manufactured relative with my last name: Dear Levine, I […]