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Newest Leader in Stupidest Email Spam Attempt Ever

THIS MESSAGE IS FROM OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM This message is sent automatically by the computer. If you are receiving this message it means that your email address has been queued for deactivation; this was as a result of a continuous error script (code:505)received from this email address. To resolve this problem you must reset […]

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Award for Sloppiest Email Spam Ever

I mean c’mon, if you are going to the effort to run bots to spam and phish me, at least try to be convincing! The CogDog judge gives this a -1 for effort and a 0 for originality. How many hours were sent crafting: To: undisclosed recipients; Subject: our Email ID has been awarded 1,000,000.00 […]

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New Spam Policy

Dear CogDogBlog Spammers, Thank you for your loyalty over the last 7 years, your patronage was never wavered, and your activity has continued to grow over the years. Your work is a tribute to perseverance in your discipline, and I am sure your clients, the various pill retailers, online gambling parlors, body enhancement providers all […]

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Flattery By Spam Will Get You…

I regret I don’t know Russian since I cannot read about 60% of my blog comments, but among the rest, I get so many nice things that people say! It really warms my heart that people can be so kind, they even say things that are not relevant to my blog posts. Your website came […]

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Dead Blog Dog

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Carplips I have had a hair tearing hacked WordPress blog experience here over the last 2 days. I don’t know why, but it really knocked my knees out, and I am reeling to figure out why this has gotten to me on an emotional level. That even sounds silly […]

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Does My Email Read idiotliveshere@cogdogblog.com?

cc licensed flickr photo by deadrobot Good gravy, if you are going to send me spam-mail, at least make it a worthy effort? This one “Your Tax Refund” from supposedly the “Canada Revenue Agency” makes those Kenyan inheritances and dutch lottos seem legit. I really expected more from Canadian Spam, and I am way disappointed […]

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My Inbox Reeks of Stinky Tofu

On his custom tour of Shanghai a few weeks back, Jeff Utecht provided sufficient warning to be wary of “Stinky Tofu” on sale in the streets. I never had the pleasure there, but cleaning out the email inbox brings up similar thoughts. A few weeks ago I dutifully ignored and filed in the unwanted trash […]


Phone Roaches

01 roach flick treatment posted 29 Sep ’05, 4.19am MDT PST on flickr A nightmare. Reoccuring. I was cleaning off my Edirol of old files and forget I had recorded this phone spam. I get recurring automated message calls on my do not call listed work number- they leave no number, so its hard to […]