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My Inbox Reeks of Stinky Tofu

On his custom tour of Shanghai a few weeks back, Jeff Utecht provided sufficient warning to be wary of “Stinky Tofu” on sale in the streets. I never had the pleasure there, but cleaning out the email inbox brings up similar thoughts.


A few weeks ago I dutifully ignored and filed in the unwanted trash bin this random ad blurb generated mush:

I’d like the opportunity to introduce myself and my organization with the hopes of establishing a dialogue centered on exploring incremental revenue models for your Conceptually, I’d like to focus on integrating our free publication content feeds into relevant areas of your site. We offer a very compelling model that could seamlessly integrate into your site offering your audience high-quality content while also offering your organization a lucrative incremental revenue stream.

Maybe mroe translated would be, “Put adds for irrelevant crap on your site”.

So by not replying, I think I am sending a clear message.

Not interested.

But alas, the tofu vendor persists, today the message is:

I just wanted to follow up with you to see if you received my previous email detailing our opportunity.

I know sometimes the example links in the email can cause it to go directly into spam folders, so I just wanted to makes sure you received it.

Which is like adding a pile of old cabbage left soaking in wet tennis shoes in a swamp as a topping to stinky tofu. &@*#^# I have to explicitly tell you I am not interested?

So to make it perfectly clear I am not interested, your foul email is now a featured blog post on, where we are dedicated to lifting our leg and peeing directly on people who sell stinky tofu by email.

How much more clear can I get?

Which, while my leg is lifted and the bladder is full, another dousing goes for the emailers who want me to write a blog post about their product. That is the most positive approach to assure I will NEVER mention your wares.

I don’t blog by request.

I don’t want to monetize anything.

I write about what strikes my fancy or what gets under my fur.

Nuff said.


Maybe someone out there actually enjoys stinky tofu, but it ain’t me.

yet another example of thoughtless, freshy fast-blogging!

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