First Picture with New Camera
First Picture with New Camera by cogdogblog
posted 30 Sep ’08, 9.10am MDT PST on flickr

Here is the first photo taken with my new Canon IXY 3000IS, purchased in Japan– the subject is the camera it is replacing. The new max image size is 4416×3312 pixels, quite a jump from the SD800.

From the camera metadata, I see this is the first flickr photo posted using this model, I do not see the IXY Digital 3000 IS nor its US counterpart the PowerShot SD 990is.

Something about being in Japan makes a geek go dizzy when exposed to the electronics stores. Once I saw they were selling a new compact Canon that shot 14.7 MP images, I could not stop thinking about it…

So I got it today! This picture is NOT it (see below) but the first photo taken with it.

We visited 2 stores until we found one that had it in stock. It is very similar to my current Canon SD800, though in slick black, and the body has some more curve to it. I thought it has more optical zoom, but it is about the same, but the resolution is twice the old camera.

A few more nice new features are that the display actually shows you the level of power in your battery; on the old models, the only indicator you got was the red blinking symbol before it went dead. There is also a new shooting mode where you can use a view finder and not the screen, something I did on previous cameras to save battery life. There are some more shooting modes as well to uncover, but for the most part, having used (and loved) the Elph form factor for a while, it is very familiar to use.

Then I found out this model is being sold starting October 2008 (tomorrow) in the US as the SD990IS so while I could have gotten it at home, there is a thrill of having this model (you wont find any IXY models in the US).

The picture above was the first taken with the new camera (pictured below):

Unboxing the New Canon IXY 3000IS

And just to prove I am first to post a photo with this camera, here is a shot of the meta data, and note there is no link on the camera model:

This model does not appear tonight on the Flickr list of Canon Cameras:

The geek fever runs high as I try to prove first in something. First in being weird is most likely.

I am hoping the extra resolution can do more detail for my GigaPan images.

The SD800 has been a super trooper for me; and as the scratches and dings attest, I have gotten a lot of miles out of it. Alas for it, there is a new curvy model in town….

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