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That 60-Second Polaroid Excitement is Back

You, put down the iPhone. Let’s reminisce on the sheer excitement of a camera that you could actually see your photos by counting to 60, and then peeling back a sheet of emulsion? Look how excited people are in that left side ad to see “instant” photos. This Polaroid Land Camera, the Automatic 210 belonged […]

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I, Cameras.

I’ve had fun following D’Arcy Norman‘s tweets as he experiments with an old Pentax film camera he got from his Dad. It got me thinking that I’ve had a string of cameras, but have never bothered to document my camera history. Not that anyone would care,, this is a blog post for me as an […]

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DLSR Video

We today here in downtown Strawberry Arizona, as Mary McCann a DJ known as Bone Mama used to say, an outbreak of weather. It crashed just as I was about to enjoy a fine lunch of peanut butter and jelly, and it occurred to me this would be something worth trying to video with the […]

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Nifty DIY hacks for your Camera

Lifehacker’s Top 10 DIY Photography Tools is a mine of nifty gems for photographers to up their own photo mojo. Besides what I learned (see below), I am finding myself thinking more about the rise of the DIY (Do It Yourself) culture on the net- there surely is a future blog post relating that to […]

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New Camera Photos Old

First Picture with New Camera by cogdogblog posted 30 Sep ’08, 9.10am MDT PST on flickr Here is the first photo taken with my new Canon IXY 3000IS, purchased in Japan– the subject is the camera it is replacing. The new max image size is 4416×3312 pixels, quite a jump from the SD800. From the […]