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Does My Email Read

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Good gravy, if you are going to send me spam-mail, at least make it a worthy effort? This one “Your Tax Refund” from supposedly the “Canada Revenue Agency” makes those Kenyan inheritances and dutch lottos seem legit. I really expected more from Canadian Spam, and I am way disappointed in this attempt.

After the last anual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $475.20

From 2009, we process refunds through your VISA / Mastercard Please fill the form below and e-mail it to or simply reply it from this curent e-mail !

First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:
Home Phone Number:
Mother’s Maiden Name:
Date of Birth:
Social Insurance Number:
Credit/Debit Card Number:
Expiration date [ MM/YYYY ] :
Card Verification Code:
Card Signature/ATM PIN:
Bank Name:

We are asking for your personal information to ensure we access the correct account, enabling us to provide the tax return. Internal Revenue Code Section 6105 allows us to request your Social Insurance Number, Credit/Debit Card number, Expiration Date, Cvv Code ( located on the back of your card ) and ATM PIN CODE for use in maintaining and accessing tax return information.
If you do not enter complete and valid information we cannot provide tax return.

Worm Regards,
Canada Revenue Agency

Oh, you so had me, at “Worm Regards”!

I am ready to send you my credit card number, PIN, security code, mother’s maiden name just cause you threw the name of a US IRS code at me! How convincing!

C’mon Canada, you better step up your spam, the Nigerians are laughing there arses off at you.

An amazing side result of this post is discovering how often a certain previous US President is tagged as “idiot” in flickr. And they scoff at the wisdom of crowds!

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