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New Spam Policy

Dear CogDogBlog Spammers,

Thank you for your loyalty over the last 7 years, your patronage was never wavered, and your activity has continued to grow over the years. Your work is a tribute to perseverance in your discipline, and I am sure your clients, the various pill retailers, online gambling parlors, body enhancement providers all have prospered greatly because of your sheer genius.

But I have been stingy in keeping your daily, hourly, often Russian, flow of wisdom to myself. Until now, I have vigorously kept a chain link fence around this blog with various anti-spam plugins, but I wanted to let you know that the guard dog has been chained and you shall sometimes be let in the yard…

… well, that is, after I edit your stupid-ass comment’s URL and email address. I thus leave your poetic comments to be available to all of the readers here who have been missing out the pleasure I have been hoarding myself by moderating your steady torrent of activity.

with sheer love and affection,

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  1. Well, this should get interesting. I might have to come back and to a spam search every week, just in case I miss something I can’t live without.

    Viva la CogDog!

  2. Brilliant. I did that for a bit way back when … I thought why get rid of all this great stuff and instead edited some it and let it in. It got to be too much and now that I am on Typepad I get so little spam — that is not meant to be a comment on WP or TP! I’m actually going to subscribe to your comment feed now … bring it on!

  3. You are the spam concierge! I remember the old days when they’d lift bits from “Moby Dick” and other classics. Now it’s all lame vanity food about how wonderful our sites look and how cool we are. Bring back the epic lit spam!

  4. An authentic (“I am a dumb shit”) spammer. Fascinating. BTW…there is a problem subscribing via chrome (not just your blog). You get a bunch of code and then have to manually enter the feed.
    Anyway, awesome response.

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