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Patient, Dumb, or Just a Machine?

Patient, Dumb, or Just a Machine?
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In the morning I noticed my DVD player was still on after watching a movie last night. I’m not sure why I started thinking this, but the machine just sits there flashing "No Disc" for hours, for ever if I let it.

Maybe it’s just a patient entity, "I am just waiting for you Alan. I really should be turned off, but if you want to waste electricity and my components, that’s okay. I will wait here for ever. I wont get annoyed if you do not pay me attention."

Or maybe its just dumb. "Doh doh. I got no disk, Nope, Where am I gonna get a disk? Nope. Dope. Doh. Maybe I have disc. Where is it? Where is that guy? Do i have a disk?"

And maybe it is just an inert machine, no thoughts at all.

Reality and rationality are just no fun.

Yes, isn’t more interesting to toy with the notion that machines are not cold lifeless entities?

By the way the video that left the machine was The Blues Brothers— such high brow stuff I know, but its plain silly fun, especially the long rolling opening sequence that stays serious for much longer than you think it could.

And scenery setting jamming of John Lee Hooker playing outside of the Soul Food Cafe, and the tussle that takes place at the end of that scene, arguing over a song?

Sing it… Boom Boom Boom.

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  1. Blues Brothers, brilliant. I always loved the little scenes in that film. Like when Jake and Elwood were publicizing the show with the huge bullhorn on the Blue Mobile, and Elwood says “Hey you on the bike!” Or the “Got my Cheezwhiz?” line.

    What a great film.

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