There’s little end in sight for fixing all the dead links I have to Content Previously Housed on Wikispaces since they went and pooped their own web bed.

Another one today when Ken Bauer tweeted an old image:

which he did find himself

But sadly, the original and many links are now dead, thanks to Wikispaces – How many “billions and billions” of web links like now go to this death zone:

All links end up here. F*** you wikispsaces and your future endeavors, may you go bankrupt ASAP.

I’ve got my back up of that link, which I will soon add to my growing set of web sites reclaimed, but for now, I am placing it here.

The Twitter Life Cycle

The Twitter Life Cycle flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Twitter Life Cycle

I created this 100% Kathy Sierra knock off in April 2007, after myself climbing the twitter life cycle curve (she knows about it and likes/approves!) and have continued to watch other colleagues go through the same process, though not always plateauing. So I thought it would be cool to open a wiki so others could add their name to the roster below.

For an amusing cycle with a low ascension slope see @jpbimmer (thx to @courosa)

I Have Climbed The Twitter Curve

If you have had a similar experience, add your name below as a comment, your twitter link, when you started, and a related blog post if that counts.

  1. Alan Levine started January 2007 with If I Fall Into One More Social Network Tool I’m Going To Scream Like a Banshee and in a few months, er weeks… and became a core part of my Being There presentation
  2. Helen Otway started January 2008. I am now at the stage I cannot stop! Been through all the stages of wondering why use Twitter, to feeling like a stranger at a party, to making connections and now feeling a part of the network.
  3. Chris Lott started November 2006
  4. Sue Waters I’m thinking April 2007 but first blog post Giving it a try! is dated June 18. My favourite twitter post I’ve written Getting More Out of Twitter
  5. John Larkin started July 15th 2007
  6. D’Arcy Norman started January 2007
  7. Barbara Reid started October 2007
  8. George Siemens first twit November 23, 2006 , first blog post:
  9. Mathew Needleman started December 8, 2007
  10. Leslie Madsen-Brooks started October 2006
  11. Robin Smail started February 1, 2007
  12. Simon Brown my first update is clueless skytrystsjoykickin back, lettin it all flow 02:50 PM March 31, 2007 but I’ve had a lot of fun since then – blog post at
  13. Brent Schlenker started Jan.2007
  14. Martha Thornburgh started March 2007 First tweet "Checking out Twitter because Steve (teach42) told me I should.
  15. James Croft started Feb 2008. I love finding new ways to use twitter; I use (with no particular favourite) the site itself, SMS, GoogleTalk thru gmail, a OS X Dashboard widget called twidget, from my iPhone and Twitterific. Do I have a problem? Definitely.
  16. John Krutsch – started Nov 2007. Created first twitter based app. Feb 2008
  17. "Teddy Diggs started May 1, 2007. One thing that kept me going was a very early tweet from cogdog about this learning curve. I decided to see if he/it was right. Think he/it is."
  18. Howard Errey started 12:20 PM March 30, 2007 wondering if there is a downward side to the curve reading "removing followees who tweet excessively"
  19. Judy O’Connell – started Oct 2007. Definitely been through the Twitter curve! and currently sitting in information overload. I keep going back for the contact, information, and direct dialogue – oh.. and quick calls for help. Got into the most heated debate and mentally challenging discussion in Jan 08 which I blogged in Google Generation and Virtual Libraries. Is there a problem with tweeting? Definitely because so many people don’t have time – even if they know it exists! As I wondered at the end of 2007 what exactly will take prime place amongst our educational collaborative tools and what will just merge into pop culture? For now I rely on the twitterverse to help me track the ebb and flow.’
  20. Martin Weller – in Sept 07 I was bemoaning Twitter as being elitist (and not as good as Facebook). By March 08 I was a fully paid up ‘hub’ user, and my blog is in danger of being retitled ‘Re. Twitter’.
  21. Lynne Crowe – started August 2007 with this post Twitter Revisited
  22. Started Sept 2007 but could make no real sense of twitter, until I read the forum on classroom20 started by lizbdavis in Jan 2008. Started in earnest and now, two months later, find it difficult to go a day without it.
  23. Louise Thorpe – started Aug 07 stopped straight away "don’t get it" – started again Jan 08, first blogged about it recently at suspect it will be the first of many
  24. Lisa M Lane – – clueless Jan 07, voted a best app Feb 08
  25. Dean Shareski – started February 07 Stupid but still effective
  26. Alisa Cooper – started March 29, 2007. Got Caught in a Twitter Tornado Yesterday.
  27. Nathan Lowell – started 09:44 AM April 03, 2007
  28. Dean Hall – started March 9, 2007. ( First post. )
  29. Sylvia Currie created account after hearing Beth Kanter and Nancy White talk about it – not sure where, just remember thinking what the heck? Then was reminded I had the account during a workshop with George Siemens at CADE in May 2007. Started paying attention more around Jan 2008 with a little helpful nudgy-ness from Heather Ross and after discovering different tools for tweeting. Twirl more than I tweet, but feel it becoming more part of my daily routine.
  30. Glen Gatin up for Twitter Mar. 9, 2007, not much happening, couldn’t figure it out, forgot about it, heard more about it, hmmm, reset password, Jan 2008. Now have it constantly open on second monitor. Getting lots of excellent clues.
  31. Cindy Kendall, started October 9, 2007. Didn’t think too much of it at first, until the community started to grow, and all of a sudden it was a quick and convenient way to share interesting tidbits with others and receive tidbits in return. Now it definitely is a mix of personal and professional, and I enjoy the informality of the community.
  32. Sarah Sutter Started Twitter October ?, 2007. Twitter Connections
  33. Pumpkin Yang Started April 2007.
  34. Doug Symington Started Twitter April 08, 2007. Popular topic during Jan ’08 EdTechBrainstorm
  35. KerryJ started in December 2007 during Christmas break. Twitter allows for everyday conversations with people you don’t have ready access to. I check it 3 or 4 times a day at work and have a window open all night at home. Feel my learning and relationships are benefiting in big ways.
  36. Linda George started during February 2008 vacay. I was feeling sorry for myself that every one in the world had gone to someplace warm. Then, I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to use Twitter and I have been hooked ever since. What a wealth of information!!
  37. Cole Camplese – Not my first post about it, but the one where it started to click happened 2/9/07
  38. minh mcCloy I was instantly engaged by the concept – my 8th post – "upgrading firefox & becoming just a teensy bit excited about twitter" on my 2nd day. I’d been waiting for Twitter. 🙂
  39. Chris Duke – July 2007 – Gradually "got it" – first here then more and finally.
  40. Giannina Rossini – Twitter account created some time in Sep07, didn’t "get it" till Jan 08. It took a lot of peer pressure, persuading and nagging … now I’ve even got it linked to my Facebook status. Where will it end?
  41. Loonyhiker (aka Pat) started in January 2008. I love it now! At first I wasn’t sure what the heck I was doing but as I started to connect with other educators, I thought, "I am not alone!"
  42. Pierro Marie Unfortunately, I have my start release date not in my head but I am here on Twitter
  43. Barbara Ganley started in May 2007 at UMW’s Faculty Academy and seeing Cogdog have such fun showing us his tweets.
  44. Skip Offenhauser created an account in early 2007but didn’t start until late 2007 because I was one of the "I don’t get it!" people. Now I do. Recently did a small teacher training on twitter
  45. Marlene – created the account mid june 2007 but really started in december 2007. I passed all the steps described below, plus the "now my updates are protected" one.
  46. Keri Morgret started using in September 2007 at the COSL meeting. I created a second account a couple of months later, and removed the protected updates from this account. Love using twhirl, helps manage multiple accounts.
  47. Heather Dowd – heza – Started tweeting (twittering?) in February 2008 after reading about Twitter before going to the IL-TCE conference (ICE – Illinois Computing Educators). I was thinking of giving it up, but maybe I will just stay on this curve. I think I am currently in the "who are all these contacts?" phase.
  48. Fleep Tuque – First Tweet: March 11, 2007 First Epiphany: Crossing paths with Wayne Porter First Evangelizing to Educators: Posting on the SLED list Now closing in on 700 followers, have gotten much more selective about what I tweet. What felt like a conversation among friends or friends of friends now feels like a shouted conversation in a really crowded party where I know some of the people but not sure who all might be able to hear me. Still find it incredibly valuable, but not sure what I should be adding to the network.
  49. Antoine – First Tweet: October 16, 2007, I’m only starting to grasp the value of Twitter: Twitter: gazouillements du Web 2.0.
  50. Joel Zehring – – Started April 27, 2007. With very limited time, should I blog it or to twitter it?
  51. Phillip Long – – First Tweet April 24, 2007. Had to look back to find my first Tweet (424 of them). That’s 50,880 characters of Tweeting (if ea were 140 chrs. long). Wow!
  52. Colleen Carmean- – First Tweet May 15, 007. Stopped in now and then. Got sucked in more and more, especially via distant connection to friends at a conference. Got scared cuz I’m a wimp (see Jim Groom’s thread), now sneaking back in slowly to get my dose of tweets. Still murky. Going to use it to connect to my online students next few weeks and see if ‘learn by doing’ will wipe away fuzzy understanding.
  53. Kate Olson – – started in December 2007 – I’m a full-scale addict, but find more and more uses for it everyday, getting to the point where I’m going to be more selective about who I follow, also trying to use direct messages more rather than replies – first mentioned twitter in my very first blog post on January 8, 2008 (and have many times since)
  54. Rob Wall – – First tweet on April 26, 2007 ("Starting twitter account. Listening to CBC radio."). Initially skeptical but got it pretty soon afterwards during a spontaneously twitter mediated co-presentation at TLt 2007 conference.
  55. Grant Potter – – Joined Mar. 07 – first Twit much later during May 07. Twitter use picked up considerably when I moved from rural to urban area with dependable cell service and GSM service supporting my smartphone. Now Twitter from phone far more than via browser.
  56. Cindy Seibel – First tweet on January 2, 2008 – "Getting online tools set up for EC&I 831", Dr. Alec Couros’ grad class. First blog post Twitted, Tweets and Young Learners. Now 11 tweets away from 1000 – that’s an average of just under 12 tweets a day, one every 2 hours – surely that’s not spamming?? Just hooked.
  57. Nicola Avery, sorry no blog post – tweeted before I blogged – sometime last May/June I think, was only occasionally tweeting until conversation with Karyn Romeis made me decide to use it more meaningfully as a work tool – would like to be able to substitute my profile picture for a live video so that whenever I am using a device with camera on, it can automatically show this on twitter too 🙂
  58. Biray Alsac – my first tweet was in March 2007 but I didn’t really get into it until October 2007. I’ve written a few blog posts mentioning Twitter, but my favorite is "Mindful Tweets: Using Twitter to teach and learn about Mindfulness"
  59. Toni Twiss – – First tweet early 07. Blogged about it – thought it was crazy – until I followed about 20 people then it started making sense as links and ideas started coming in. I spend more time checking twitter than anything else. Best professional learning I have ever done.
  60. John Martin – – Started almost exactly one year ago. No one believed me that it would take off, so I dabbled a bit and waited. Around the end of summer it started to ramp up and the rest as they say is history. Now I find myself still trying to convince others of the value of developing their own community of practice on Twitter. It is not yet self-evident to many here on my campus.
  61. Rubaiyat Shatner – – Friends were using it at SxSW, and didn’t get it because I don’t have SMS on my phone, made my community join once I got home and it continues to make me smile. Will be doing a project with art students in a few weeks.
  62. Cherice Montgomery – – Considered it early on, but as someone who actively participates in a number of other online communities of professional practice, I found it difficult to imagine the professional utility of messages limited to 140 characters–esp. since at first glance, they appeared to be little more than a neverending stream of status updates. So, I didn’t actually sign up for an account until March 8, 2008 after talking with a couple of colleagues about it during the MACUL Conference. Now that I’ve been tweeting for almost a month, I’m intrigued by the opportunity it offers me to play in a lot of new sandboxes (no pun intended).
  63. Karen Kliegman – First time August 2007. Couldn’t see the point at first, but I have picked up some amazing info from the twitter community and have made some ‘twitter’ friends. Blogged about it – why should I care –, but now see Twitter as extremely useful!
  64. Allison Miller – – Adelaide, South Australia – @howard61 ‘invited’ me into Twitter, after it was discussed at danah boyd’s Melb workshop in the middle of 2007. However, I never really did anymore with Twitter until Alan Levine mentioned it again during his workshops at the South Australian Art Gallery in Oct 07, and since then there’s been NO looking back. I’m a ‘daily user’ and am continuously amazed about how friendly and ‘informative’ the Twitter network really is. Perhaps we needed to have only been allowed to add to this wiki in 140 characters or less. Happy Tweets…..
  65. Steve Dembo – – Chicago, IL. Eh, I’m not impressed… Still seems like a waste of time. But I’m willing to give it a slightly longer period to test it out and consider it. 😉 My most well known post about Twitter is What I Learned From Twitter Today.
  66. Laura Blankenship – – I thought I’d only been Twittering for a few months, but it’s been a WHOLE YEAR! That’s like a century in Internet time. My first tweet from March 13, 2007 is " Listening to Led Zeppelin and thinking about how to skin a Drupal site." I still love it. I was just thinking about a blog post that I haven’t written yet called "My Co-Workers live all over the World" because that’s what Twitter is for me, a collaborative workspace. Like everyone else, I didn’t get it at first, but now I find it indispensable at conferences and great for those quick temperature-taking moments during the day. Also, it feels like poetry sometimes and since I was a poet once upon a time, this appeals to me.
  67. Alan Cann – – First Tweet
  68. Barbara Dieu First Tweet on March 24th 2007. Since then following 210 in English, Portuguese and French, 420 updates and 57 direct messages. Very useful for quick updates when travelling or mobile, get a feeling of what’s up, quick notes and conversations, backchannel at conferences and events (with twemes – which combines delicious and flickr nicely). Much easier than blogging but much more superficial.
  69. Matt Lingard – First tweet was April 18th 2008 and the associated blog post: Time to Twitter was tagged ‘Fun’, as in not to be taken seriously. Mid-term report: Twitter: From Cynic to Addict?
  70. Therese Weel Signed up Oct 2007. Made a conscious effort to "become a better lifestreamer" spring 2008 ,fiddled with twitter some more, up until then delicious was my twitter.
  71. Carol Daunt Skyring First Tweet October 2007. Disparaging blog comment Nov 2007 Have since hit the top of Alan’s lifecycle – which I suggest be labelled ‘Twitter is running my life’ (that is running not ruining!!)
  72. Vyt Karazija First tweet 1 May 2008. Less than 2 months from WTF to Sierran/CogDogian plateau. Blog – which currently has slow post rate because of inordinate time on Twitter!
  73. Moira Sarsfield After initial dismissal in Oct 2007 – "I don’t care what kind of sandwich someone I don’t know is eating." – I saw the light in mid-April this year and was hooked almost at once. Blog post at And I also appear (anonymously) in Vyt’s blog post.
  74. Vance Stevens ‘got it’ after hearing Jeff Utecht present asynchronously at K-12 Online 2007 almost a year ago. I was sort of at the can’t-stop stage but then the dbase fiasco occurred mercifully short of the fizzle-point. I’m working now on a document where I chart these uncharted waters. Right now it’s in working-version state but if I think of it I’ll put the link to the final version here later (like yeah sure, in our dreams, if I don’t get twitter-scattered meantime). For now you can visit:
  75. Graham Stanley I can’t remember exactly when I signed up as it was so long ago, but I received my first circular email from Biz Stone in December 2006, so I think it was before then. I remember that I signed up and didn’t really understand it until I set up the SMS function and started receiving messages on my mobile. That was sometime before May 2007, when I became a Twitter evangelist, and began to tell other people in my network about it. Since then, I have I’ve gone from following 30 people to following 485 people and being followed by 555, so the way I use it has changed considerably – I can no longer read everything, but do use Twhirl to keep track of what’s going on when I’m online.
  76. Bernie Dodge. . My first thought, maintained for several months, was that Twitter was yet another timesink with no redeeming value. Then, in July 2007, I sat next to David Warlick at a workshop in Vermont we were both keynoting and noticed what he was doing on his laptop. I gave in and started following him, and some of the people he followed, and up the curve I flew. Since then I’ve inflicted it on students and family, and gotten rediscovered by an old grad school friend. I find myself posting more during vacations when there’s time to explore and share links. I’ve reached the plateau on your graph, though mine is more like a square wave above and below plateau level. Multiple days without tweeting, then multiple tweets per day. I wish I could tweet to subsets of my pals without jumping ship to Plurk.
  77. Jo McLeay: I can’t remember who got me into it, but I joined about May, 2007 and loved it straight away as I had lots of my PLN on there when I joined. I wrote and blogged about twitter for my Master of Education in ICT here and here.
  78. Robin Ashford Oct 27, 2007 according to When I first heard of twitter my immediate reaction was…well, the first paragraph here has a little rant I wrote in a blog post. At this stage, I consider twitter to be one of my top three social media tools.
  79. Michelle Dyer-Hurdon – started in Jan. 2009! Yes, I was very late to the party. I really only started using Twitter heavily in the summer, inspired by the tweeters from Iran. I now find myself conserving characters even when typing email!
  80. Richard Schwier – Born: Sat 12 Jan 2008 20:46 – It was a dark, cold, snowy evening, and I was looking for a distraction and several friends (Couros, Shareski, Wall, Ross) were already into it. Two years + later, and I’m still distracted. My pattern is similar to Bernie’s–plateau with gaps and spurts. Now Twitter is one of my key ways to connect quickly and reliably to a group of people I talk with regularly. The wider conversation is good too.
  81. Helen Keegan – Born: 17 May 2008. Didn’t get into it straight away – sporadic use for a year or so. Struggled with audiences, having my PLN and other online peeps in the same place 😉 Ended up going down the PLN route, and don’t regret it – fab friends/colleagues/peers/towers of awesomes, and also love being connected with ex-students and helping them to connect with others… prob. buzz off those ongoing connection the most. I still have an on-off thing going on with Twitter, finding that I tweet the most when i’m on ‘leave’ or at conferences. Sometimes struggle to get my Twitter mojo when drowning in the day-to-day…
  82. David Truss – Started in November 2007 after reading (Claudia’s) 4th or 5th blog post on the topic. Before that, I was completely in the "Dumbest thing" mode of thinking. The light bulb turned on for me pretty quickly as this and the next few slides hinted about (January 2008) -It doesn’t say so in the slides, but these amazing connections all came through my twitter network. What’s interesting is the role I play as a lurker now… sharing in fits and spurts but often searching and reading with just a retweet when I like what I see. I’m off the cycle now and into a new kind of participation.
  83. Cindy Jennings – Joined May 2008. I wrote some about accidental Twitter learning here: It still happens when I have time to look. And were it not for The Twitters, I would not know the absolutely coolest and most gracious keepers (or givers away…) of sharing and web hospitality like YOU.

Don’t be like Wikispaces, don’t break the web.

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