“Will”, someone I don’t know, spends his finite time on this planet emailing strangers asking the not so philosophical question, “Am I In the Right Place?”

Hi Alan,

Will here again following up on a recent email I sent about contributing a WordPress security graphic to Cog Dog Blog. On the chance that my message fell through the cracks or landed inappropriately, I thought I’d quickly revisit the topic.

Ok Will, most adults bearing a modicum of brain tissue can fathom that a lack of a response is directly proportional to a lack of interest. Your message would have fallen directly into the appropriate vat, the one marked trash.

Furthermore, I can see from the inspecting different font used for “Cog Dog Blog” that you need some help formatting your templated messages.

But, oh please, Will, continue to quickly enlighten me…

The bottom line is that – despite my [relatively young] age – I’m told by some folks that I’m pretty good at this writing stuff. I’d love to write an accompanying piece just for your audience. 

How impressive… “some folks”. I am almost swayed… to hock a loogie.

Perhaps in your relatively young age you’ve missed the ability to scan the bottom of every single page on this site, that clearly states my policy:

"Here I bark and growl about the web, edtech, photography, and other stuff that gets under my fur (more...).

Send those e-cards and e-letters to cogdogblog at gmail dot com -- except requests for requests to post links, ads, guest articles, or product reviews. I don't do that stuff. If you bug me you get the treatment."

That given, this post is the treatment, you join the other squashed bugs at https://cogdogblog.com/tag/cockroaches

I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon.

If you really appreciated my time, and the time of everyone else in your victim list you have target, you’d do something different from pooping all over the web.

This is your message. Never, ever, ever email me again.

Featured Image: Modified text and more from The right man for the right place LCCN2001703986.jpg a public domain image from the Library of Congress.

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