Oh stats.

I don’t typically look at the WordPress admin dashboard site stats, but it’s there. Sometimes a funny item pops out of the “top searches” display. What the heck was someone looking for when they put that into the google box? And how did they end up here?

This I saw last night:

List of Top Post and Top Searches listings on a blag dashboard, in a red box under searches is "horshack ooh ooh gif"

I of course knew the item because I put it here…

Most of the GIFS we grab and share from giphy et al, are derived from video clips, and are generally automated so that there is a frame for like 0.3 seconds. When you look at them (if ever) frame by frame, many are repeated or show little change. I just tried to show how you can really shave tons of weight from them by knowing how GIFs work.

And what could be a more fun reference than 70s sitcom TV?

Anyhow, I had to check, and sure enough, my GIF and post are on the front page of The Google!

Google search results showing my gif in the 8th position of results

Pretty much celebrating my corner of the web, eh?

I probably should not have looked, but that result indicates a ton of people (or bots) followed that search result here. Massive numbers!

Yearly stats indicated 11 views on my blog have come from the search on "horshack ooh ooh gif"

Barely above the number of people searching over the year for “grandma’s split pea soup”.

I’m a big fish in my little internet pond. Stats be damned.

Featured Image: I could not resist the google image search results (limited to open licensed stuff, naturally) for “big fish small pond”. It’s carp, all the way down…

Image by bernswaelz from Pixabay
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