You can now tag me #AlmostCanadian.

About 10 months since crossing the fenceless, welcoming border into Canada to live with, love, and marry Cori, the government has said I can stay.

Yesterday, a typical Big Blue Saskatchewan Open Sky Day, we drove to Saskatoon for the final interview to get my permanent resident card. We took the word “interview” as a possible quiz on each other; as it turns out, it was more of an approval of the paper work our lawyer had submitted for us in September.

This means I can stay here. The word joyous is an understatement, can you tell?

This Woman I Love

This Woman I Love flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

The other cards are lining up- I got a Health Card 3 weeks ago (still sorting out details on what it covers for my diabetes) and a Saskatchewan driver’s license today. The only thing I cannot do now is vote.

This opens the door for a possible summer road trip for us across the southern border.

Most importantly, it means a big step in the process of a forever stay here with Cori, under these open skies.

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  1. Congrats Alan. I’d have thought they would have confiscated your knitted cap and issued you an official toque.

    It’s marvellous to see the happiness on both your faces.


  2. I suspect the feds were just making sure you could hack a flatlander winter before they made it official ?.

    Congratulations! I am really happy for both of you.

  3. Well, that is just another Big Happy Time for you and all of your friends who are Happy because of it.

    Plus, Canada!
    But did Felix get official Canada Dog?

    Your Still True Friend,

  4. This is wonderful my friend. We always joked that you held honourary Canadian status and now you turned the joke on us.
    Look who is laughing and smiling now!

  5. Hey, Cogdog. I’ve been a Cogdogblog troll since 2013 when I virtually met you in Headless ds106 (that was a great experience). Congratulations on joining me and your many other Canadian fans in the Great White North. And if you’ve been here 10 months you know how white it can get. I too hope that Felix makes a third in your happy Canadian household. All the best.

    1. Thanks Dave, hardly a troll at all.

      Even with some wind chills nearing -40 I did not find the winter that bad at all, though I am joyed to be watching Spring unfold. And yes, Felix is very at home here.

      Greatly appreciated.

  6. Huge congrats Alan! You’ve always been a Canadian in my books.

    Saskatchewan and Manitoban prairie lands are among my favorites for exploring beautiful nature and their views of a bigger-than-life sky.


  7. Excellent! This is a win all around. We are lucky and glad to have you here Alan! Welcome to the club of forgetting how awful the winter is here as we move into a beautiful spring and summer.

  8. Cori is a lucky girl! I’m so happy for you both. Please take your time together seriously and enjoy every moment. I lost my husband 10 years ago and miss him everyday, although he’s still with me like Jiminy Cricket, sitting on my shoulder and whispering in my ear.

    Wear your Maple Leaf proudly.


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