It’s been 148 days since our last episode; does the low frequency of publication mean we are no longer a podcast?

Antonio and I don’t care; we have abolished rules before. But we did manage to record this one on September 4, and looking at we have a calendar item on September 23 to record another, it was time to push the editing into high gear.

Antonio was sitting outside on campus at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, so you will hear the sounds of students walking by. And birds. And street traffic. Apparently, he is without office while he is assigned a new one (“like a Zombie”), so he roams campus.

I did talk some about the possibility of ceasing the publication of our audio on Amazon S3, this in the face of getting am 18 cent bill last month. But I decided to leave things as they are. If we get a spike in audience, where maybe it costs $2.00 a month, I will reconsider.

Antonio described the podcasting assignments he is doing this semester with his New Media INF115 students. Again they will be collaborating on their shared podcast show, La Situación.

Antonio described how he was planning to have his students discuss the political story that took place over the summer, where public protests led to the forcing out of their governor Ricardo Rosselló. He shared his observations how the public protests were heavily attended by young people and very peaceful.

I was rather impressed with the ability of a population that was able to unseat unfit leaders. Maybe it can happen elsewhere (cough cough).

Antonio will again have students do their version of the DS106 Daily Create, or what he calls sting to Una Foto Cada Día (see more about his plans in his recent blog post).

He mentioned coming across a great Canadian Podcast, which turned out to be my colleague and friend Terry Greene’s Gettin’ Air. Small internet world. Right after the show, I DM-ed Terry in twitter and suggested doing an episode featuring Antonio. It’s in the works.

We rounded out the show with a quasi plan for the next one… and it may be a better frequency!

Featured Image: Image from page 799 of “The Bell System technical journal” (1922) flickr photo by Internet Archive Book Images shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons)

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