When you decide to share your images for reuse, you try to release the association with how they might be associated (hence the oddness over my catfished photos).

My recent foray onto trying algorithms (is it AI or not?) for finding where my open-licensed flickr photos are reused are not nearly as interesting as the natural intelligence way of people just telling me.

Stories always score higher for me than algorithms.

Like when my Maricopa friend Sam shared what he spotted in The Facebook (where nothing ever is faked?)

It’s good to be free. No surprise here!

Here is the thing about images used in news stories- when viewed as a snippet in social media (open graph, is like dumb)– can suggest the person in the image is the one described by the news story?

I know that photo- it was taken in phone by my cousins from Laramie, Wyoming in 2011 when they took me to visit the territorial prison.

(with irony, it’s a photo that crops up in catfishing reports).

On tracking down the source, I was dropped into the weird news world of https://egbertowillies.com/ It’s a vast array of Things That Look Like News, links all over, social media, and donation requests.

It took some digging, but I found the story, and it’s rather amusing. It’s part of The Ecosystem That Maybe Oly Mike Caulfield Knows How It Works, but Egberto summarizes stories on his site from news sites, this article was lifted somewhat from the Houston Chronicle Story “Iowa inmate claims his life sentence ended when he died momentarily and was revived”

Apparently an Iowa prison inmate named Benjamin Schreiber serving a life sentence claimed he had done that when his heart stopped momentarily, and technically he was dead for a few second. So he filed an appeal that he had served his life sentence was satisfied.

“Nice Try” the system said.

It’s rather clever.

But that guy in Egberto Willies story? Is that Benjamin? The original Chronicle story used a more generic (and paid for Getty Images photo) of a jail cell door.

The odd thing was when I first looked at the Egberto Willies site story, the image only appeared on the front page, not with the story. Looks like a featured image situation to me.

I decided to track down a contact form, and wrote this:

A friend sent this screenshot from a link in Facebook to this story on your website

I’m flattered that it suggests I had a remarkable near death experience as the photo you used as a featured image is my photo of me


While this photo is licensed for reuse under Creative Commons, the conditions require attribution. I’d think a site that proclaims itself as one of “fact-based blogging” might do better for use of imagery as well as considering the implications of using someone’s photo in a matter that suggests the person in the photo is the subject of your story.

What do you say?

To their (ir his credit) the response was quick, though he did not like my jab at his site.


Because it used it solely as thumbnail only, WordPress does not display overtly the CC by Alan Levine caption. I think it is understood that thumbnails are aesthetic holders. I can (1) Edit the picture and embed what I have attached to WP caption slot (CC by Alan Levine) (2) remove it all together if you would prefer. To be clear, I am following the CC reuse but I want you as a reader not someone who feels we were taking advantage of anyone. And yes, we are fact based.

Thanks kindly,


And to their credit, the story as it appears now includes the photo, with attribution, though falling quite short of the TASL recommended practice (all it has is AL).

It’s still not clear to a reader that the image at the top is not related to the story, and I will contend that “it is understood that thumbnails are aesthetic holders” is basic bull turds.

But it counts as image reuse, so there is one more Reused Photo credit in my collection.

And a bit of a fun round chasing it down. Thanks much to Sam for sending it my way. I would have never known of it otherwise.

Now, let’s see if Tom can get any luck for his knife credit.

A lesson many have trouble with is releasing stuff for reuse that may end up used in ways they would prefer not. That’s what copyright is for folks. And it’s not bad. Copyright does not stop reuse (it makes it more work), it just means you want people to ask.

And Benjamin? He maye just have keep trying to get out of jail in clever ways.

Featured Image: Speaking of grey areas on reuse, I am am admitting of reusing a frame of a scene in a copyrighted movie that did pretty good in the box office, here done for parody and obviously (one would hope, but lawyers??) not stealing the original content.

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