Here we go with a blog post about blogging (maybe the most popular topic ever) as part of participating in the OERu open course Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world (LiDA 103).

As an introduction, I have my calling card site at another domain, maybe the best internet address I could hope for but also this blog’s own about page (now 17 years old). Probably my must consistent, persistent open activity has been 65,000+ photos I’ve shared on flickr since it started (in 2004), all of them open licensed by Creative Commons CC0 (a pile of them are CC BY too).

I am taking the course to get a participant’s view of the experience, but also to test myself as I am typically the kind that signs up for open courses but rarely finishes.

This is a post in response to the Declare Yourself activity, and hopefully too, a test of the LiDA103 blog syndication based on my tags here.

Thus I am declared!

Featured Image: I did not have a photo that specifically represented the idea of “declare” just found a nice sunset one that had the word in the caption.

The Sun Wins
The Sun Wins flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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