It’s still my daily habit. I cannot let go of it.

2020 marks the 13th year I have been posting daily photos to flickr, and dropping them to into the 366photos group — heck the 4th round it’s been a leap year. That first one was a leap, hence it’s a wrong URL 3 years in a row. This all started in 2008, when I decided to imitate What D’Arcy Did the year before.

I have been pretty regular at taking the photos, but my posting them to flickr seems to slide to a week, 2 weeks back posting. There are no rules about this, but I felt it was sloppy to let them go like that.

I will not hit the perfect 366 this year, I missed a few days, and I see my total of 255 when this is day 278 means it’s more than a few. There usually is a year end task to go back and add to the current album ones I posted but forgot to add.

And I had tried a new strategy that lasted maybe 3 months, of doing a month check to catch my missings; I had a 31/31 January, a 27/29 February, … and then, oops, off the table.

Hello from October.

Without a big fanfare, I am now to get back to the daily posting (over/under on me being off by Wednesday?).

This stuff is just about starting. Maybe I can nab a daily blog thing by blogging my daily photo?

Anyhow, today’s pick was really taken as an image of a tweet, though the image was not tweeted, as I was doing that back posting task of some 70 photos going back to September 21.

So yes, flickr. You now, the web service that is always being declared dead/dying. I started I thought in March 2004.

I wondered what my first posted photo was (you do know about the camera roll feature where you can explore your account in time?). I had posted some that bear an older date I think from them being older photos, but the second one in the stream, I remember my student assistant colleague taking of me outside the Maricopa Community Colleges office building where we worked (not a selfie, but of self).

65,886 photos later, I am still at it.

Through it all, flickr-loyal, as it was sold to yahoo, sold to Verizon, sold to SmugMug, yet it still works. Let me know when your favorite web software turns 16 years old and still is not only functioning, but functioning well. It’s one of my main go-tos for open licensed photos. And there are wonderful, and wonderfully weird sub-cultures in flickr groups.

The one for the group D’Arcy and I co-created has 1823 members who have shared 288.876 photos and pretty much never interact.

And I am still using Aperture software although Apple no longer supports it, and it keeps me running the non-latest Mojave OS. Why? I just love the editing, and the Aperture to Flickr plugin (no longer supported) also works like a charm (I love that it rewrites the flickr URL back to my Aperture library).

Sure it may go up in smoke one day, but why mess with things until it does?

And I am doing this on the MacBookPro I bought in 2013. When you are self employed, those refresh cycles tend to be a bit longer. I’ve been using MacBookPro laptops since maybe 1998, and this one has never felt sluggish, or like it is too underpowered to work. I do video editing, audio editing, and keep a zillion browser tabs open.

Sure the keyboard is worn, and even the keyboard cover is worn…

2020/366/248 Overzealous On the Keys
2020/366/248 Overzealous On the Keys flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

To go along with this trend, I drive a 1998 Ford F-150 and if you hear any music coming out of my windows, chances are it is 1960-1970 British Invasion stuff.

Retro -proud here.

Anhow, the daily photo pick is sometimes what I think is a best picture but sometimes is just one that has meaning.

This is a bit too much blogging to do every day, but meet me Wednesday.

Regardless of the daily posting, daily blogging, I am still on the daily photo train.

Featured Image: Today’s pick. Day 278.

2020/366/278 The Old Tech Trifecta
2020/366/278 The Old Tech Trifecta flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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  1. The MacBook Pro is a line of Macintosh laptops introduced in January 2006, by Apple Inc. You didn’t have one in 1998. The PowerBook and iBook were not MacBooks.

    Flickr was launched on February 10, 2004. Your first posted photo can’t be before that date but the image may have been taken before that date.

    My Gmail account is from April 1, 2004 when the beta launched. When i checked, , my favourite piece of software, my profile states “Customer since 1999”.

    1. Thanks for fact checking! I meant to say I was on an apple laptop since then, but maybe I am guessing at the date. Anyhow, it’s been a long time since I had a “desktop” computer.

      And yes, the first photo in my stream was an older image. It’s a scanned print from the late 1980s. I have no idea where flickr got the year for the image date, it might have been sole old iPhoto metadata.

      I’m glad someone is fact checking me!

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