Are there really neat lines of cause/effect action in the possibility place the internet, 2021 warts and all, still provides? My best experiences there are ones that could never be anticipated.

The antidote to artificial intelligence and algorithmic forces are the human especially the quirky ones, that cannot be GANned or blockchained or predicted.

An evening tweet leads me to a blog post that flicks on that idea light, and an hour of late night coding yields:

It starts with the tweet:

that leads to reading the post

Which leads me to be trying out an idea…

As it turns out, because of the beauty of the flickr api method to search for photos, one has many ways to modify what is returned, including a parameter in_commons to return only photos from the Flickr Commons.

Getting this to work meant adding one more advanced checkbox option to limit results:

The results are wonderfully unpredictable. Give it a try!

And it also works in “Heather” mode (named for the teacher who suggested the idea) where you can create a pechaflickr run where you see the images, but must guess the tag. Are you up to that challenge?

This was the first update to pechaflickr I’ve made since 2017, yet, it still works. This is the best of the web that a provider of a web service gives enough hand holds that I can make it do something it was not built for.

And this is a mashup of a mashup- the whole idea of pechaflickr matches pechakucha with powerpoint karaoke mixed in with flickr and now mashed up with the flickr commons. The code itself is a duct tape special mashup using the phpFlickr library to get stuff from flickr and the Vegas Javascript code to run the slideshow.

Pechaflickr works well too in any video conference environment where you can share a screen. I have done it for years in Google Hangouts (RIP) and it does fine in Zoom too.

I do ask folks to share via a friendly form any way they use pechaflickr, got a nice set of messages today via twitter.

Just a bit of experience. If you share something openly on the web, it’s likely more folks will benefit than you might ever know. To me, that is a positive result. It means your stuff is more useful than you might guess/know.

I just am excited that pechaflickr still can do it’s stuff some ten years after I hatched the idea.

Featured Image: A mashup of my own logo (just helvetica font colored text) with Watermelon eating contest – Leesburg” flickr photo by State Library and Archives of Florida shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons). How can you resist a clown photo?

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