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Are there really neat lines of cause/effect action in the possibility place the internet, 2021 warts and all, still provides? My best experiences there are ones that could never be anticipated. The antidote to artificial intelligence and algorithmic forces are the human especially the quirky ones, that cannot be GANned or blockchained or predicted. An […]

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New Image Display for Pechaflickr

Just to demonstrate how glamorous my social life is, I spent a few hours Saturday night redesigning how my pechaflickr site displays its images. As far as I am concerned, it was an ideal evening. Okay, pechaflickr is a thing I made a number of years ago to provide a place to practice improvisation. It’s […]

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Pechaflickr is My Favorite Web Toy

That dog in the photo? I don’t know her, but according to the flickr author, Rosie has a respectable life philosophy: Rosie says keep trying your best – it’s fun! Speaking of fun and trying to be best, maybe the thing I made that I am most proud of is my flickr improv tool pechaflickr– […]