I was a bit excited to push out my recent bookmarklet tool experiment. The reception was kind.

I was hasty in the naming of it in github tying to google images because as alluded to, I realized I could make a new one for searching Openverse (the updated version of Creative Commons CC Search). I would have skipped this because they have a nicely designed browser extension.,. except it is broken.

Alas, I changed the name of the repo and maybe broke links. Oh well. For all the thousands who created bookmarklets after my first post… no problem, it still works.

But for anyone wanting to make a new one, you can find not only one, but TWO, tools:

I need to spend more time searching with Openverse, it does have an impressive list of sources, but it seems results are mostly chronologically weighted, so you might end up with many similar images. That’s just a guess for now. And it does provide easy attribution statements.

But there are two tools in the belt now.

Because I can.

Featured Image: Found by using my own tool searching Openverse on “tool”. Cut and paste attribution “Brompton tool wrap” by konafan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Found in the Openverse
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