I was never a full on fan of the Seinfeld show, and likely saw more of the later than the earlier ones.

Just for something different, and avoid the plague of Netflix scrolling, Cori and I decided the other night to try a few episodes. We both were surprised at how much we laughed.

But the irony of the comedy club opening of the very first episode, The Seinfold Chronicles, aired July 1989 lept out in sheer irony in 2022. Weird, surreal, irony.

The web does provide, because in a few clicks I found the episode’s script including this scene in a site that offers all the scripts of all episodes.

You know, why we’re here? [he means: here in the “Comedy club”]

To be out, this is out…and out is one of the single most enjoyable experiences of life. People…did you ever hear people talking about “We should go out”? This is what they’re talking about…this whole thing, we’re all out now, no one is home. Not one person here is home, we’re all out!

There are people tryin’ to find us, they don’t know where we are. [imitates one of these people “tryin’ to find us”; pretends his hand is a phone] “Did you ring?, I can’t find him.” [imitates other person on phone] “Where did he go?” [the first person again] “He didn’t tell me where he was going”. He must have gone out.

You wanna go out: you get ready, you pick out the clothes, right? You take the shower, you get all ready, get the cash, get your friends, the car, the spot, the reservation…There you’re staring around, whatta you do? You go: “We gotta be getting back”. Once you’re out, you wanna get back! You wanna go to sleep, you wanna get up, you wanna go out again tomorrow, right? Where ever you are in life, it’s my feeling, you’ve gotta go.


Yeah, out. That just seems, in 2022, like an era even longer ago than 33 years.

Anyhow, we are watching more. I find myself laughing loud at many lines, a few head scratches at others.

2022 says, “We’re all not out!”

Featured Image: YouTube thumbnail for clip Seinfeld. Intro Season 1 Episode 1 The Seinfeld Chronicles (this site made it easy to get the thumbnail) rights likely questionable.

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  1. I have to say both You and Cori are in for a treat for later episodes when BIGGER arcs are built-in across more episodes. I won’t spoil or even reference them. Just keep watching and wait for the more surreal bits in the last season. I think they knew it was coming to a close and pulled out all the oddball stops.

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