I’m putting my stake in the ground to be part of the Write 6×6 extravaganza, but starting here a number 0 (also doing so to establish my tag).

Writing 6 blog posts in 6 weeks should not be a challenge, it’s more about joining a group of colleagues doing the writing challenge together.

As many times it happens, it’s the result of me tweeting some blarney about blogging (that might be the first official post). A long time colleague from Maricopa Community Colleges dared me in to join this 2022 challenge from the Glendale Community College Center for Teaching, Learning, and Engagement.

I’ve known of this for a long time as I observed my friend and colleague Todd Conaway ran these efforts at Yavapai College as the original 9x9x25 Challenge (Oh look I did it in 2018).

And my whole career was made possible by my start and 14 years in the Maricopa system. So there might be some nostalgia in my 6 pack of posts.

Arizona Six Pack
Arizona Six Pack flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

But let’s not get ahead of myself with the posts. There are 6 six more to come.

And there is the nerdy computer science idea that in programming with arrays, you start the count from 0.

This is c=0 where c represents my count.

Next week is c++.

And there will not be too much more techny nerd outs. Join in the route 6×6 activity… and if you need a boost, try their writing ideas.

I’m starting at 0 to set up the blog tag, well and also, to loosen up the blogging muscles.

Featured Image: My array of 6 is being counted by juniper berries sitting in between cracks of sandstone…

Six in the Notch
Six in the Notch flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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