While lightning may not strike the same spot twice (debatable), I manage to keep recycling this same “True Stories of Openness” talk perhaps way too many times.

It’s on tap as an Alt format session for OER22 but I gave it another warm up as a Creative Commons Lightning Talk for Open Education Week. Without repeating all too much, my premise is the same in 2022 as it was in 2009:

Open often centers on the “stuff” (resources, content, practices) but what about the unexpected positive experiences of serendipity people gain from sharing openly? First presented at OpenEd 2009, the collection of True Stories of Open Sharing remains open to contribute yours in any media form– maybe someone in the session will have one to add.


So I tried to arc from the first round at the 2009 Open Education Conference to now– thinking that whatever stage we think we are in 2 years after peak pandemic, that some serendipity stories are something to cherish. Or marvel it. Or muttter, “oh, neat”

Thanks Creative Commons for the slot, and the other sessions are definitely all worth tuning into. And you never know exactly what to expect when Stephen Downes is the emcee, that is the charm (we love ya, Stephen, cause you are reading this now in an RSS reader!). Yes, after all these years, Stephen is unsure if I am human or canine. But look, he used my image in his post. Nice, Stephen, nice.

I thought I had my timing rehearsed but I fell off the time clock elsewhere, even with my script in front of me and a stopwatch going on the phone.

Lightning Talk Set Up
Lightning Talk Set Up flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

I have stalled enough, here is my 7 minutes of fumbling…

It was fun though, and I consider it the early dress rehearsal for OER22. My hunch is people are still confused why I get so excited about this, unless it’s just my retro yearning to present with CoolIris, or putting one of my SPLOT themes to yet another use.

I forgot to add to the site a new call for stories– I maybe flipping out the front page for a Stories Wanted plea

I thank Todd Conaway and Joe Murphy for stepping up to the share form.

But I’m not done yet, and I will be shaking the trees for more stories to show during my 7 minutes of OER22 stage time. Think of it this way, the more you share, the less you have to hear mine.

Got a story of anything unexpected, positive, that happened because of something you shared or participated in online. Please drop one here https://stories.cogdogblog.com/share/


Also, this made me realize I was like 18 months behind updating my presentation site, which means I had to add like 3 posts. But there they are, my Best of Show.

Oh, did I beg enough for stories? Shall I bow lower?

Featured Image: From an animated GIF I made using a TV image from pxhere (Licensed CC0), screenshots from https://stories.cogdogblog.com and “OpenEd09” flickr photo by courosa shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license. Oh plus a moving GO-GN penguin from a VisualThinkery image, licensed CC-something.

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