WordPress is WordPress, correct? Well… apparently not. This is a WordPress.org self hosted blog, eh?

So like the documentation suggests

With the WordPress Embed block, you can embed WordPress posts into your posts and pages. 


I ought to be able to embed a post published on my WP.com site? No. WordPress here does not mean the kind of WordPress they are running at WordPress.com (?)

I get no embed from a WordPress.com blog. (“My parents went to WP.com and all I got was a lousy link.”)

But… can I do the same for my own self-hosted blog? Can I have embed please with my own self hosted WP.org post? Yup.

Like a champ. Like expected. I can embed any blog post published on a WordPress.org self hosted blog in this nice way… That is what one might expect from the documentation on the WordPress Embed Block. It does not say one thing about WordPress.com being closed to being embeddable outside of WordPress.

WordPress is WordPress, right?

Well…. no exactly. Compare this post to the same experiment at a WordPress(dot com) blog post that cannot be embedded here.

To summarize:

  • A WordPress.com blog can embed any WordPress post hosted on WP.com OR a WP.org ste.
  • A WordPress.org hosted blog cannot embed a WordPress.com hosted post but can embed ny WP.org hosted post.

Which WordPress is WordPress?

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Got My WP Gear
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