Despite the shift to this ornery block editor (I have made my peace with it but still regularly cuss at it) and avoiding full site editing, I still love ya WordPress. Always.


I have noticed something for a while. WordPress does not like hanging out waiting for you in open tabs. Many times over the last? two, three years, I notice that leaving a unfinished post in an open tab, ends up in a cycle where when I return to update, it just spins and spins on my attempts to save. It just never gets there.

I end up leaving that window open (just in case), going back to my posts, opening the same one again in a new window. After making sure my last changes are there (and they always seem to be), I then click update, and all is kosher fine.

There’s maybe a lesson in just finishing what one starts. Or not keeping so many damn tabs open.

But here is another variant. I had a tab open a day? 2 days? in my dashboard for the comments. I went back to write a response, click the blue Reply buton, and I get this helpful error message:

Below buttons labeled -- Reply--  and --Cancel-- after clcking he first button I see a red box with just a -1 in it. What does this mean?
This is helpful feedback, did I ask what 19 minus 20 equals? No. I clicked a Reply button.

I copy the text of my comment which never posted, reload the page, and now I can reply.

My hunch is that the Modern WordPress admin interface, aka The Dashboard, is dependent on some cookies to ensure that maybe what is being submitted is current, or not malicious If I Left My Laptop Open in a Coffee Shop. But clearly, leaving unfinished work in an open tab, or just the open tab itself can be problematic.

These are just inconveniences yes, and having experience, some intuition, and even the gumption for examine my browser console, I am able to work my way around them. Still, the user interface is not providing me any indication to the problem.

Does this change my love for WordPress? C’mon true love is lost because of small quirks.

Lesson learned. Finish what you start WordPressing and close the damn tab.

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    1. ol’ Gute gets no respect!

      The rodney dangerfield album titled No Respect is renamed Block Editor with Gutenburg's face superimposed

      But I think you are wrong, because like this happened just now on flickr. I went to a tab for an image I had open from last night and went to write a thank you comment, and when I submitted I got an error message about “comment could not be posted”… but a reload allowed it. I am pretty sure it is some kind of security thang.

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