It was about time I did some feature adding to a SPLOT theme- adding support for Sodaphonic audio was super easy for many reasons.

For all that is not great about time spent in Twitter (believe it or not I have dialed my attention there back) I have to give credit that I still sift through the bird poop and find gems. I believe it was a tweet from Grant Potter that let me to see first one of the Sodaphonic tools, the audio file converter or Format Flipper.

I tend to do more than blithely retweet tools, I look around. And that’s a good thing, because I first landed on Sodaphonic Boombox which I really dig as one of the simplest ways to let people record and share audio, just one click, all in a webpage. The audio can then be shared via a URL, but you also get an embed feature, and automatic transcription. But the big key is you can do this without even creating any kind of account.

These are some of the same attributes I previously raved about for Vocaroo, but Sodaphonic gives you even more.

And while the Sodaphonic web based audio editor is no replacement for Audacity it provides an easy way to do simple editing of not only Boombox recordings, but any audio. Here I imported a track of music (Freemusic archive track Joyful Meeting by Crowander, CC BY-NC), cut, faded out and added a bit of recorded audio. This took me maybe 3 minutes to do.

Editing in Sodaphonic Editor

I can share this audio easily by a URL but Sodaphonic audio provides an embed code.

It almost was easy as recording to add support for Sodaphonic audio as a media that can be used in the SPLOTbox media theme. This means you can use a URL for any saved Sodaphonic audio (created in the editor or recorded in the Boombox) as an entry for a SPLOTbox site.

See? It’s already available for the demo site, the first Sodaphonic audio spotted inside a SPLOTbox.

Learn more at the July 27 BCampus FLO SPLOTapalooza workshop, plus more in the June FLO Techtips post.

The SPLOTting goes on… and SPLOTbox has this new audio tool and a few more fixes in the most recent version, ready for reusing from GitHub.

Featured Image: I likely spent way too long remixing this image from the original Radio Electronics Nov 1948 flickr photo by Whiskeygonebad shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

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