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Yes, We Do Give out SPLOT Lollies

While I’ve gotten used to sharing most of my code projects in GitHub for the most part my repos are a one dog band. Rarely, I get a message submitted via issues, but for the most part I’ve maybe gotten less than 5 “pull” requests– meaning someone has added, fixed, augmented my spaghetti like code […]


Shining Up Some SPLOTs

It was sure nice to see the way one of the SPLOTs hatched in 2014 is being used at Coventry University: The Compendium Of Bothersome Beasties: A SPLOT for student self reflection and formative feedback [18-162] Samantha Clarke, Lauren Heywood et al. #altc https://t.co/pixXVEoKqs — ALT – alt.ac.uk (@A_L_T) October 2, 2018 When I can […]


WP Pusher, Man

You know that trippy opening riff to the Steppenwolf song You know you’ve installed WordPress themes O’Lord, you’ve uploaded a few SPLOTs But you never update them It’s too many steps, lots and lots You know, I’ve seen a lot of SPLOTs out there With not the lastests versions around If you get WP Pusher, […]

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Print Yer SPLOTpoints

I admit I hardly think of printing web pages. But it’s easy to get limited by your own scope of stuff you do.. One of our most active and prolific Ontario Extend Participants, @NurseKillam aka Laura Killam, has been an eager SPLOT poster child, and her questions last year led me to add a number […]