It’s six o’clock PM, the outside solar lighting (aka the sun) has turned off, the temperature outside has warmed up from *&#^ing cold (where Fahrenheit and Celsius converge), we are cozy inside with warm drinks, silly movies, and completely unplugged, diverged from the w-o-r-k stuff.

A couple bundled up in parkas, scarves, fur lined hoods both sporting broad smiles and bright eyes. They must be in love.
Cold? Hardly with proper gear and Cori to share in a walk amongst our trees, snow drifts, fox tracks, and vivid sunset light.

And this Christmas eve converges with the seventh night of Hanukkah. There must be something to things coming together and spreading out at the same time.

These words feel like they are slipping towards the kind of year end summaries / reflections many are doing.

I diverge.

This is merely a moment before the next and after the last. More [maybe] to come this week (that’s a plan) to catch up on photos not sent to flickr, blog posts in the draft-space of my head, and just be out of the usual convergence spaces.

That both divergence and convergence can co-exist for and in us (complexities that are out of reach of un-natural algorithmic pseudo telligence) says much, much that rises above the noise.

We are tuning in to light and space for a while.

A dog lays prone on a snow bank gazing through trees at a vivid sunset.
There is always interesting light out there…

Featured Image: “Menorah lights on third night of Hanukkah with Christmas tree lights in background”, photo by me, Alan Levine, which when he aches up on Flickr uploads will be put into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0.

Three Hanukkah candles lit in front of lights from Christmas Tree.
If Hanukkah and Christmas can converge what’s stopping anything else?
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