1. Hi Alan,
    I didn’t know about this. I’ve mostly ignored metadata when using h5p. Being embarrassed I went and edited a couple on our example site. But the ‘Rights of use’ button does not show up? Is there an incantation or setting that is needed. We are using Version 1.15.6 of the WordPress plugin, which is, afaik, up to date.

    Which I’ve just added some metadata.
    NB the plugin has been altered to give a shortcode for Glow Blogs embedding rather than an iFrame.

    This is mostly out of personal interest. I’ve never managed to generate much interest in metadata or creative commons in discussion with colleagues…

    1. The H5P plugin settings controlled this for all the buttons, I use the “Controlled by author- on by default”.

      The rights button will not show up (I think) unless there is actually some metadata entered (overall content meta data entered from button next to Title)

      1. Thank Alan,
        We don’t seem to H5P settings. I wonder if is due to it being a multi-site setup. I can see then on a test blog but not glow blogs.

    2. My H5P is a multisite blog, I get to the settings via the listing for H5P in the plugins for a single site. Not sure if GLOW provides that

      1. Thanks again Alan,
        After not finding that, I did what I should have at the start, followed the url. Page disabled by Administrator. I feel a feature request coming on.

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