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#NetNarr 5

No it’s not that show. But yes, I am back co-teaching Network Narratives with Mia Zamora for a group of intrepid graduate students at Kean University. For the full (of something) story on this adventure, you could tune into the podcast we did a few weeks ago with Terry Greene and Anne-Marie Scott for Check […]


#NetNarr Season 4: Net Mirror Post Script

Oops. Speaking of slacking on the blogging, the last post here on this year’s Networked Narratives class was the first one about this year’s class. This fourth iteration of this change it up every year course co-taught with Mia Zamora at Kean University mixed things up from previous years. More on that soon. From the […]


Net Mirror is the New #NetNarr

It’s back. It’s dark, reflective, you are looking into it. It looks “off”. But it’s not. It’s looking at you. Is it? This is the 2020 iteration of a recast Network Narratives, the course I’ve co-taught (completely remotely) at Kean University with Mia Zamora. Things are different this time around, start with the intro that […]


The #Netnarr Team is Back for 2019

One of the most rewarding things I have gotten to do the last few years (and this may be a blog post lacking mention of SPLOTs, hah!) has been teaching co-teaching the Networked Narratives open course with Mia Zamora. In first version in 2017, Mia was present with the class at Kean University and I […]

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Non Content Video

Yikes. Guess who is a week behind in 9x9x25 blogging. Good thing no one is keeping count. Right Terry? Mine was triggered by reading a 9x9x25 post by JR Dingwell, A different approach to the ‘video lecture’. Like JR, I’m not all that excited about video capture or lecture video: I mentioned that normally I […]