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Notes for #NetNarr

Gee whatever happened to venerable “yellowed lecture notes” that profs supposedly rely on decade after decade? I dunno. I don’t have a yellow pad. Tuesday was the first class of my Networked Narratives class at Kean University. It was more than wild and thrilling last year when I co-taught with Mia Zamora; she was in […]


Hi, I am your disembodied teacher

Well, maybe not literally. Although I did once launch a headless ds106 that spawned a (Photohopped) decapitation theme. This semester I am teaching, from my home in Arizona, a seminar for five Writing Studies students at Kean University doing their MA Thesis. They’ve already experienced this mode, as it was how I co-taught the Networked […]


Alchemy Us

This is the end, though not the end at all, and we have a little informal rule about not using terminating language, of the story of Networked Narratives, a course, and much more than a course. I start here, standing quietly in the dark, in a closet-like room adjacent to the classroom at Kean University […]