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Syndicating Myself

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by @boetter The very beating, pumping heart of ds106 is, and always be, the architecture as Jim Groom metaphorized as the syndication bus (and properly attributes to a Brian Lamb comment quoting George Siemens, how far can you follow the attribution train?). For ds106, the pump that […]


Tricking Out the Barking Dog

I’ve written some before about a mod I made to the Graphpaper Press Full Screen Theme for my photo showcase site, Barking Dog Studio. I dig this theme for many reasons, it features large photos on single pages, it has an attractive grid on the front. It feels less bloggy: The mod I made was […]

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Barking Dog Photo Blog

Note: Updated December 7, 2010 for use of new theme…. Nothing like a little WordPress hacking to get back in action. A few months ago I registered the domain barkingdog.me as a place intended to set up a photo gallery, but decided today to finally get around to hanging something for real there. My goals […]