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Nobody Makes It Easier to Install a WordPress Calling Card Site, NOBODY

It’s rather exciting to finally see this available on my Reclaim Hosting cpanel… As if I need another reason to say how awesome @ReclaimHosting is- there is a second one click install of my WordPress calling Card themes available. This is way beyond "Hello World" in Twenty-Seventeen https://t.co/WOPKvEZOod pic.twitter.com/GDtuDunH2l — Alan Levine ? (@cogdog) September […]

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Domains: Own, Value, Care, Time

Like a small stubborn, unique, old fashioned house surrounded by modern monolithic mega modern glass and steel structures, the Domain of Ones Own project started at the University of Mary Washington stands out as one hope amongst Educational Technology’s adoration of mega scale, management, analytics, automation, and tall tall towers of data, data, data. Much […]