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A Dog and I 30 Years Ago

While I revel in the joy of life changed with the introduction of my newish dog Felix, my calendar bittersweetly reminds me today is the day 23 years ago I put down my first dog, Dominoe. She too was adopted, though not via a shelter, but via co-workers of my friend and them apartment-mate, Kevin, […]

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Dalmatia – 22

Upon arriving home today I found the photo above on a postcard from my sister- on the back it reads “Couldn’t resist!” She’s referring to my first dog, Dominoe, who traveled with me out to Arizona in 1987. With some sad irony, yesterday marked the day she passed on to Rainbow Bridge. I have to […]

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21 Years Beyond Dominoe

creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog Here we are in 1987, me a 24 year old mullet head know-not-much and my side kick, Dominoe. In May of that year we did a practice camping trip in western Maryland’ it might very well have been the Catoctin Mountain area where the […]


Where I Lost Dominoe: 25 years later

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

You can go back to a place, but you can’t go back. Nor should you want to. But maybe you want to.

On my trip around the East Coast, I have visited bits of my past, e.g where I did my undergrad years (or where I did my undergraduate fun). On plotting today’s odyssey leg from southeastern Pennsylvania to Washington, I noticed my route went very near Thurmont Maryland.

Which is near Cactoctin Mountain Park.

Which us where, almost exactly 25 tears ago (well in 3 weeks), is the place I lost Dominoe in the woods, and she found me.

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Dominoe’s Day on Flickr

Thanks to Martin Weller, I was tipped off to today’s flickr blog theme as being D is for Dalmatian. Of course, given my favorite of favorite lost/found/lost/found dogs, I had to take a peek. Interestingly, I spotted 53212 photos found by searching on “dalmatian” sorted by interestingness (well I did not actually count, I used […]

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Dominoe’s Day

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog Today (July 24) is my day to honor my first and most special dog, Dominoe, who left this world in 1993. Is it really 17 years? That’s a full generation. And it was long after that that I told her story like 50 million times. cc licensed flickr […]