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L(3)E(1)A(1)R(1)N(2)I(1)N(2)G(2) (and Scrabble)

cc licensed flickr photo shared by red5standingby A recent interest timesuck addiction um,, interest has been playing Words With Friends… with friends. I’ve been on a lucky streak, and have beaten a few people who are smarter and more educated (people who actually use words like “epistemology” in regular conversation. But its really not about […]

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YMMV? MMDV! noticin.gs

Nothing is more sweeter than the serendipity of finding something online that grabs a breath from you, and such that you drop what you are doing to dig deeper. This has only happened to me, oh, estimating (counting on fingers…) maybe 18672 times. One more. A day or so ago, on scanning the flow of […]

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Little Library Got Wii

“Library” and “Gaming” were words that you likely saw rarely paired years ago. I was a library junkie as a kid, loved wandering stacks, walking out with piles of books, but it’s hard to shake the imprint that it was a place were the main noises you heard were were “Shhhhh” not “boing!” It’s hardly […]


Shoot ‘Em Up Talk Show

Imagine this- a full immersive 3D world where people from remote locations can share and collaborate ideas… and they can blow each other up. I am not a vidoe gamer but can very much appreciate the novelty, originality, and sheer sarcastic fun of This Spartan Life, or how it is billed, “A Talk Show in […]

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What Are We Playing At? (SAC2005)

What Are We Playing At
What it means to integrate games into the curriculum and why we should
Richard Van Eck
University of North Dakota

Presentation and Game Analysis Packet available

A good session with a sound approach to Game-Based Learning, look for resources from the presentation. Good discussion form the audience. Bottom line- games are interesting, have great potential, yet we have a huge educational struggle to soundly integrate without trying to produce at the level of commercial games- recommendation is to integrate rather than create.