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Lighting the GIF Signal

This week in ds106 I give my students the ultimate bootcamp creative challenge – to figure out how to make an animated GIF. The exact wording is “from a favorite movie” but that’s just to get them thinking about topics.

Since I do the same work, I needed to step up too- I did two quick demos of GIFfing in GIMP in this week’s Open Lab, so for tonight’s masterpiece I wanted to show some techniques I have been using in doing GIFs in Photoshop.

I chose a subject that could reflect what to do when you get into trouble in ds106 – activate the GIF Signal!


This is one where I do some dancing around with Photoshop layers and masking out all but the essential bits. One benefit of doing this is your GIF files get dramatically smaller since they have to store less data. I hope I can reconstruct the steps!

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A New Under Construction Man

Remember this little busy guy? You’ve seen much of him since the late 1990s? I thought I spotted him today in Canada: cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog But he just would not move. No more digging. No matter how many times I clicked. It just took a little convincing (and […]


Dogs and Cows Talking ’bout Cheese ‘n GIFs

I listen, and read, and listen, and try to make sense of what they are talking ’bout. But those cows just go on and on and on about their MOOcing and making cheese. On and on they go. And go. “…placental, emergent, alienating, enveloping, sometimes thriving, sometimes dead, sometimes reborn…” Whatever. Yawn. Anyone want to […]