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A #DS106 Spontaneous Breakout of Flag Hands

It all started with a tweet from someone I don’t know. Today’s DS106 Daily Create was about showing how “massive” it is: #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1602 Show the world how DS106 is MASSIVE https://t.co/y7RxyNZJva pic.twitter.com/hqu7qXFZje — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) May 28, 2016 And I smiled seeing how @g1000p, a twitter account with 4 total tweets, […]

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My Adobe Connect Recipe

cc licensed flickr photo shared by klynslis Someone in my twitter flow, I cannot recall who, tweeted in angst asking if anyone has had a good webinar experience in Adobe Connect. The subtext was clear- he/she had a lousy experience, and wonders if te problem is the technology. Heck, I do this all the time. […]

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The New MTV is Where M is Me

I have not even seen a glimpse of MTV for at least 10 or 15 years. I am so old I can remember when the “M” stood for “Music”: I can remember the riveting teen age moment when MTV first launched- it was radical, different, spoke to me– and it felt at the time like […]

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WordPress Dissected: The Blogless Blog

It’s been a while but it is time to add to my collection of WordPress Dissected where I break down web sites I have been building using WordPress but with some moderate to severe template wrangling.

Today I present an NMC project set that is sort of a Zen Riddle. If a blog has no posts is it a web site? This is the editing area for a finished web site:


How? Why?

The web site is made up entirely of WordPress pages, because there is nothing chronological in the site’s structure (though if we ever added a news section it would be easy). There was a reason I organized it around Pages… and I cannot remember why, but had something to do with being able to list the pages in a sidebar. I think. To be honest, the work started more than a year ago and the site sat behind a password until the grant funders for the project where ready to go public.

The site is for the Edward and Betty Marcus Digital Education Project for Texas Art Museums, a project where we worked with 28 art museum or art education programs in Texas to help them apply storytelling concepts to their collections and artists, and use the Pachyderm software to create online exhibits.