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ds106 is a Complex Universe Full of Stars

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DISCLAIMER: This is mostly a brain dump. Little coherent ideas emerge. Typos will occur. You have been warned.

This session I participated in at Open Education 2012 was proposed by Julià Minguillón titled “Analyzing and supporting interaction in complex scenarios: the case of DS106” – the idea as Julià outlined it was to try and find useful patterns and meaning in the large amount of networked activity that happens in this universe.

I’ve been interested in this for a while but ow sure how to wrap my arms around it. Because of the syndication model set up in our site, we have essentially a copy of every blog post that the site has subscribed to since before January 2011 – over 20,000 posts (unlike those other high priced enterprise systems, our open source fueled site actually keeps all of its content).

Within the wordpress database is a lot of key information- when and how often activity happens, what kind of link relationships there might be, possibly an ability to connect to twitter or commenting actions as well. But more curiously, the only way we represent the things that go on here are the old school reverse chronological listing of posts, something that is a river when there are 500 blogs the site attends to. One thing I would like to know is if there is a more visual or meaningful way to represent all of this on the front of the web site?

As Julià wrote in the abstract:

… visualizing all the activity around DS106 is not a trivial issue.

Interaction in such a complex scenario implies receiving information from multiple channels and maintaining a personal collection of resources, as the course has a very flexible structure so students can focus on a particular subject according to their interests (i.e. visual assignments exposed through flickr) and/or enter and leave the course at any moment. Regarding people, maintaining a network of colleagues implies maintaining multiple identities through the ds106 site in itself, but also twitter, blogs, and so. The totality of DS106 is a very complex learning scenario which is the result of hundreds of personal infrastructures hooked up to the ds106 blog.

We would like to discuss how interactions in this networking infrastructure can be analyzed in order to support all the elements (students, resources, comments, assignments, etc.) so additional services can be devised and implemented without interfering with the natural flow of the course.

With only 22.5 minutes, it was a quick journey through this universe- here is the prezi we used

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You Never Forget Your First PirateBox

Yesterday I successfully built my first solo PirateBox, the anonymous, free local sharing platform created by David Darts

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My first one, the StoryBox I traveled with last year, was built for my by Zack Dowell. Last Spring, Tim Owens and I each did one at DTLT; I had a wee bit of router help from Tim.

Now I am a big boy. I did my own. The platform has evolved a lot- the original one had a dockstar router and an ASUS wireless transmitted:

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

The new install uses a smaller, cheaper all in one router, that is TINY, the TP-LINK, and the parts for this come in at under $35 (unless you add a battery pack).

I am building this as part of an activity idea brainstormed with Scott Leslie to put in place next month at the Open Education 2012 conference in Vancouver most likely part of the Remixathon, but we have some other ideas going. For Jason Toal’s sake, I am hoping we can do something as well to collect audio for his DJ action.

But that comes after the putting together…