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I’ve been Skyped, Flossed

A few weeks ago I was audio interviewed via Skype by Teemu Arina, a 1 hour plus session between me in Arizona and Teemu in Finland that was remarkably clear, had no dropouts. In an almost heroic effort, Teemu edited this to a pod/webcast, painstakingly removing my frequent “umms” as well as abstracting my free […]


Facets of del.icio.us = fac.etio.us

Interesting- fac.etio.us is a rip, mix, and refeed of del.icio.us. Found by way of John the Blog (a.k.a David Weinberger), fac.etio.us is a product of Sideran Software (“navigation for the digital universe”), a maker of corporate tools that offer: …intelligent search and retrieval applications lead you easily through oceans of uncharted corporate data to the […]


Visualize Your flickr FOAF

Woah, nellie! I had no idea when I clicked a link that said, “do not, I REPEAT, do not go here” (the old teacher reports read “Alan does not listen well to instructions”) that I’d find this wildly fantastic flickr graph tool: Flickr Graph is an application that explores the social relationships inside flickr.com. It […]


Two More Blades For the Marklet Maker

From suggestions, I’ve added two more sites to the web site submission multi tool, what was once blogged the DeliciousFurlBagConnotea Marklet Maker is now… DeliciousFurlBagConnoteaFrassleSiteULike Marklet Maker— having added posting tools for CiteULike and Frassle. Check it out, your mileage may vary given my tendency for programming typos: http://cogdogblog.com/alan/marklet_maker.php


Poking Around Weather via WAP/WML

As a geek happens a lot- I get curious and start poking around on the net, peeking at web page source code. Tonight, I was checking out the NOAA weather forecast for near our cabin and there was a little note near the top:

New! Cell Phone (wap) URL: www.srh.noaa.gov/wml

Now I have a stone age cell phone with no hope of being WAP capable (Wireless Application Protocol) but vaguely recollect how the limited display capabilities require web content in WML form (Wireless Markup Language). Well, see more on the WAP/WML acronym soup from W3Schools.

You can get at info pretty quickly through WAP since it is designed to be just data, structured, and lightweight (the NOAA urls load s-l-o-w on the 28 bps modem speed up here).

So here is what I dug up….


My Messy Pile of Leaf Tags

The new Journal Of the Hyperlinked Organization (JOHO) metaphorically paints folksomony and controlled vocabularies as “trees vs leaves”: Folksonomies are different in important ways from top-down, hierarchical taxonomies — the shape we’ve assumed knowledge itself takes. The old way gets some experts together who create a nested tree of concepts into which everything in a […]


It’s About Time I Read This

For the last year or more I have been blabbering about the “small pieces of technology loosely joined”, so it was extremely overdue that I actually read the book I pilfered the phrase from. So thanks to a holiday gift card from Borders (which is really just a portal to Amazon) just fresh off the […]


Vancouver Aerial Tagging: Holy Flickr!

Holy Flickr! I just blindly stmbled into yet another wildly frenetic flickr functionality. I think it was Roland’s feed that led me here, but flickr is being used, along with its note features, to create a collaborative map of Vancouver– a series of closer and father up images of the city based on ?? Keyhole. […]