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Feedback Gems: Small Pieces In Spain

Among the chaff of email spam are a few gems. Here is one from Ian in Spain who has figured out how to leverage RSS, blogs, and Feed2JS to generate a dynamic site:


Your rss2js service is first class. I love the code generator and the service itself – what a great job!

I have a web site ‘‘ about Asturias in Spain. It has lain pretty dormant for a few years.

I don’t have time to produce lots of content for the site, but what I have wanted to do for a while is be able to at least pump news through the site, but without having to re-work the site too much or build myself a backend news database.

Anyway a couple of days ago I saw that Ask Jeeves had bought out Bloglines, and when I took a look it was so easy to set up a blog that I went ahead. Then I thought if only I could get the blog rss into my web site I’d have the news issue sorted. Then I found your site and – hey presto!

Many thanks for a great service.

Great job Ian! Score another one for Rip. Mix. Feed.

Just add a sidebar photo feed from flickr and you are set!

P.S. Kind of interesting that the Jeeves buy is funneling more people into the mix.

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